City of Boulder Neighborhood Review

holiday neighborhood

North Boulder Holiday Neighborhood

Click to read about the goals of the North Boulder Holiday Neighborhood emphasizing sustainability’s “three E’s.”

washington village elementary school

Washington Village

Washington Village is the new LEED-ND community in the heart of NoBo, or North Boulder. Click to read more and see pictures of the neighborhood.   

newlands co

The Newlands

Walking distance to the foothills hiking trails and to Pearl Street in Downtown Boulder! Click to read more about the Newlands. 

south boulder and table mesa neighborhood

South Boulder & Table Mesa

Click to read about the laid-back, family friendly community, and the traditional ranch-style houses with a mix of old and new.

northfield commons boulder co

Northfield Commons

Click to see the new construction within the city limits of Boulder! Excellent access to trails and town.

baseline lake boulder co

Baseline Lake

Click to see the houses that have a Boulder address with private access to Baseline Lake!

chautauqua neighborhood

Chautauqua Neighborhood

The Chautauqua neighborhood in Boulder CO is the perfect place to live if you love the outdoors and staying fit! Click here to learn more.  


settlers park in boulder coloradoWho doesn’t know about the People’s Republic of Boulder? Fun and for a good cause – that is Boulder Colorado! Boulder real estate is diverse offering so many different benefits to each community they support. The variety of homes available ranges from older homes built in the 1960’s, which have often been remodeled due to their high value. Wondering why they are so old and yet so valuable? Its Location Location Location! People will pay a premium for an older house if it is located close to the amenities they love, such as the Flatirons, Pearl Street Mall or Chautauqua.
Some of the Boulder neighborhoods are officially deemed as having historic value. Much of the Mapleton Hill community closest to downtown Boulder has historic classification. And with good reason, too… because these are the original Victorian style homes that Boulder was founded upon. Click for more information about
Historic Boulder. Other Boulder neighborhoods are new and often provide innovative green characteristics. Of course that means green construction techniques. However, there are also subtle eco-characteristics that relate more to the community as a whole. These community benefits from a green lifestyle are often difficult to see on the surface and must be examined closely to see the richness they provide. Prospect in Longmont and the Holiday community in NoBo offer some of these social benefits, as well as environmental efficiency. And of course we cannot forget about all of the lovely mountain homes we have throughout the foothills in the Western part of Boulder. These homes can vary in terrain and access; it might be best to have a 4-wheel drive car if you want to live in the mountains! You will also find that these homes are filled with wildlife ranging from deer to bears. It is quite a natural and beautiful place to call home!

Green Boulder

When people think about Green Boulder Real Estate For Sale images of an idealistic land come to mind and the homes for sale should be eco-friendly. This is cowboy country with a mission! Wonder why I say that? Its because we all love to play outdoors in the wild wild west. In addition, the residents of Boulder Colorado live a consciousnesses life of healthy living, green eating and outdoor activities.


For example, within my community of Boulder Colorado our government and society has a completely different approach to green legislation then can be seen throughout the county. The people of Boulder have consistently voted throughout history in a very progressive style to include green aspects of design and sustainability in our community. This was first seen in 1910 when Frederick Law Olmstead developed plans for street improvements with designated park areas (City of Boulder, 2010). Probably one of the biggest milestones for our community was in 1976 when the people voted to institute one of the nation’s most restrictive growth-management ordinances (City of Boulder, 2010). This included a mandate for open space throughout and surrounding our area. The effects of this initiative can still be seen in action today.

Boulder’s Climate Action Plan (CAP)

Recently we the people have voted to enact the CAP program, Boulder’s Climate Action Plan. This was the nation’s first carbon tax. It is based on the amount of electricity a resident, business or industry uses in our community. The revenue from this tax is used to support greening our city through education, legislation, design and construction (City of Boulder, 2012). In November of 2012 the voters in the City of Boulder voted to extend the City’s CAP tax through March of 2018. The ballot issue earned the support of 82% of the voters (Rockett, 2013). The actions of our citizens show that green Boulder real estate for sale is not just a fad, but our path for the future. The results of our community’s efforts can be seen in the green Boulder real estate for sale all over our community. The CAP program was in large part why the city passed the legilegislative code 10-7.5 to include a Green Points system for new construction as well as rehabilitation of an existing building. The system was established to encourage social, economic and environmental good for the construction and remodel of new homes (Vasatka, Kinney, & Marshall, 2003).

Boulder’s Green Points

The Green Points system is based on the size of the building to be built or constructed. It must meet minimum standards of energy efficiency associated with the HERS system. If the building achieves the LEED Silver Certified standard of efficiency it will be exempt from this program (Boulder Code, 2013). Through this program it is being recognized that new dwelling units outperform existing construction by approximately 30% (Vasatka, Kinney, & Marshall, 2003).

city of boulder fun

Boulder Fun

Click here to see all the fun things to do in the city of Boulder. 

Boulder’s Holistic Communities

Builders in the community are responding by creating developments that go beyond simple neighborhoods to create holistic communities. They are responding to the people’s request for green design by offering us cohousing communities, such as Wild Sage located within the heart of the sustainable community of Holiday in North Boulder. This development strives for Zero Emissions from their green Boulder real estate for sale, as well as cultivating a cohesive community. In their community there are solar homes helping offset the energy needs. There is also a community center where people gather for parties or to share meals together (Wann, 2010). This is one of numerous communities planned around connectives of the people to one another and the environment.

Sunbeam Farms CO

Sunbeam Farms Boulder CO

Sunbeam Farms Boulder CO has an abundant selection of crops and also provides farm-to-table dinners. Click to watch a video of this farm in action!
City of Boulder Neighborhood Review
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