Lafayette, Colorado Farmers Market

The Lafayette Farmer’s Market is in full swing at its new location next to the Lafayette Florist on the Public Road. This new venue offers a more centralized location that has great access to the many surrounding businesses and restaurants.

  • Thursdays throughout the summer (June -September )
  • 4-8pm

This year the market is being hosted by the Boulder County Farmer’s Markets.  The great thing about the Boulder County Farmers Markets being the host is that they know how to turn a market into a community event!

The Lafayette market is more of an event then just simply a farmer’s market because it has food vendors and so much more! There are booths dedicated to fruits, vegetables & plants, as would be expected at any farmer’s market. However, at this market we see meat vendors as well as prepared foods being sold. We particularly enjoy the whipped honey with lemon rind, salad dressings, hot sauces and salsa available for sale.  Don’t forget to stop by and get a melt in your mouth chocolate chip cookie from the Campfire Bakery!

At the back of the Lafayette farmer’s market the BCFM organization has smartly included a beer garden! This comes complete with food trucks and music. You can sit down to listen to some relaxing, home grown music while eating dinner and sharing a brew with friends.  We hope that the Lafayette Farmer’s market thrives in our community.

To help ensure that this great summer activity is successful community members have the opportunity to become ‘Founding Members.’ To become a founding member costs $55 per person, which is divided among the vendors to help ensure that they meet their minimums. In return, the market provides founding members with weekly deals and incentives. 

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Pictures of Lafayette, Colorado Farmers Market


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