Visual Guide to the Home Buying Process

Home Buying Process

The Home Buying Process has many steps that it might feel like you are the foot of a mountain when you are embarking upon the journey. However, we here at TrailRidge have created this ‘trail map’ for you. Starting from the bottom and moving to the summit, this graphic shows you the major steps that are included from the beginning to the end of the real estate process.



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contract process

Contract Process

Click for a step by step explanation of the real estate contract process. 

first time home buyers

First Time Home Buyers

First-Time-Home-Buyers click here for details on how to begin your home search and the processes you can expect when hiring TrailRidge as your representative.  

Home Buyer Services

Home Buyer Services

Click to learn about the benefits of having a Buyer’s Agent, as well as the real estate process from TrailRidge REALTORS. 

title insurance

Title Insurance

Click to see an explanation of what title insurance is and how it protects homeowners.