Home Ownership Services for Boulder County

When working with TrailRidge Realty there are homeownership services for Boulder County that help us uncover your goals for NAR_Button_HOM_1013altbuying and selling real estate. We have a specific process that helps us uncover the needs of our clients to understand their specific goals.

When you first call or email us one of our representatives will respond with an initial interview. We will then invite you to a meeting at our office to further discuss your goals and our processes. Login to the portal to see a complete step-by-step review of what you can expect when working with TrailRidge Realto towards your homeownership services for Boulder County.

Home Sellers Services 

If you are interested in selling your home the first step, as stated above, is a phone interview. This is where we get to know your goals as well as learn some preliminary information about your home. On this phone call we will determine if an initial walk-through of your home is available and necessary. For example, if you are selling an income property with tenants we may need to skip the initial walk-through by one of our agents.

The information obtained in the phone interview will be used to compile the Fair Market Value presentation on your home. While we are working to compile market value information, we will mail you our team’s marketing plan for review. This will give you an opportunity to get to know how we will present your home for sale on the MLS as well as over the internet as a whole. We don’t stop with e-marketing. There is also extensive printed promotions for getting the word out about your home for sale. If you have questions about these systems please prepare them for our in-person interview.

The in-person interview will be conducted either in your home or at our offices. At this time we will present the market activity for recent sold comps (comparables) around your home or property. Our systems allow us to present to you a range of values that your home might sell for based on Buyer’s demand in the marketplace. During the in-person interview we will determine how your home’s location, size and features fit into the pricing models.

At the time we present the pricing models all of the necessary contracts will be available for listing your home, too. We will go over them in detail so that you have the opportunity to ask questions making sure that all the documents reflect your needed outcome from the sale of your property. When everything is accurate and to your specifications an email will be delivered to you with all of the contracts to be signed electronically. Our team uses CTMecontracts for e-signatures. For more information about this system and e-signatures please see the links below.

Now its time to list your home! See the links below for information about how to get it ready for photos and showings and Home Staging Tips.

Home Buyer Services

The Buyer process starts in a similar fashion to the Seller process in that an initial phone interview will be conducted so that our team understands your needs. Some of the questions you can anticipate being asked include where you currently live, if you own the home or rent, how many homes you have purchased in your lifetime, if you have talked with a Lender, how long you have been looking for a home and what tools (websites) you are currently using. If you are a First Time Home Buyer in Boulder County  it is important for us to know if you are a First Time Home Buyer so that we can provide more detailed information on the home buying process in Colorado. Questions will also be asked regarding what your basic search criteria is and why that is important to you. After the interview is complete we will email you a Buyer’s Packet outlining the home buying process here in Colorado and more information about our team. There will be some interesting strategies included which we will be able to implement once we know your goals more specifically! Once we have the basic outline of what you are looking for from the phone interview, an in-person meeting will be set for you to come into our offices.

During the in-person meeting at the TrailRidge Realty offices you will have an opportunity to meet our team and see our systems in action. This is also a very important step for us to further get acquainted with you and your goals. We will be asking you more in-depth questions regarding your goals for a property purchase. Some of the questions we want to know include how any previous real estate searches went with other agents; what you liked and what you would like to see happen differently in this purchase is very important to us! We also want to have discussions about your new-home criteria and why those features are important to you. This will help us narrow down the listings in your area to deliver you listings that meet your needs. At this meeting we will talk about strategy for finding you a new home. We will set an appointment to go preview homes available on the market, as well as discuss ways to find you a home that may be getting ready to list but isn’t currently on the market.

Now that you have completed the interview process and previewed homes its time to make an offer on your new house! People sometimes wonder Why Hire a Buyer’s Agent? The advocacy that is created in the agency relationship will help you achieve your goals for home ownership! Your agent will review the 16 page contract with you in detail so that you know what you are signing, as well as what to expect throughout the contract process. When all of your questions have been answered and any adjustments have been made to your offer you will be delivered the contracts via email for electronic signatures from CTMecontracts. After e-signing your contracts your agent will submit the offer to the Listing Agent/Seller. Your agent will be in touch with you as they accept or counter the offer. This will trigger the contract stage of your offer.

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marketing plan

Marketing Plan

Click to see a detailed explanation of the marketing services for selling your home at top dollar. 



You have the right to know who has entered your home, how many times and should have the ability to limit their access! SentriLock lock boxes do just that and they are the only lock boxes used at TrailRidge. 

drone images

Drone Images

TrailRidge Realty is known for using cutting edge technology when marketing your home for sale. Click to see our drone in action! 
first time home buyers

First Time Home Buyers

First-Time-Home-Buyers click here for details on how to begin your home search and the processes you can expect when hiring TrailRidge as your representative.  

Home Buying and Selling Contracts

Once your home purchase or sale is under contract our team goes into high gear with buyer and seller services to move you through to a successful close. Your agent along with our Business Manager, Jo Klimecki, will ensure that all of the necessary contracts, supporting documents and activities are being conducted in a timely manner according to the dates and deadlines outlined in your offer. Your agent will be responsible for your understanding of the contract negotiations and their potential outcomes. The Business Manager will be in touch with you regarding any supporting disclosures that need signatures or appointments to be made/confirmed with outside services such as inspectors, appraisers, insurance providers, title documentation, (etc).


The new standard in Buyer and Seller services are e-signatures on the contracts to buy and sell real estate. The new standard for signing contracts through the real estate process is now electronically using email throughout the United States. This system is the primary way of signing contracts and keeping up with paperwork in Colorado. Emails are sent to Buyer and Seller with links that allow the signing to happen online. The first step is to ‘accept’ doing business with the agent through the system. This is done with the click of a mouse. Then you are prompted to add a signature. Sometimes you can use a mouse to sign, which looks awkward. However, how it looks is not relevant. There is an electronic code embedded into the background of the document attaching the file to your email address. This is the real key to the signatures! There are other systems where the mouse signature can be replaced with a pre-determined font. These look nicer than the mouse signature, but again the authentication comes from the code in the background. The TrailRidge Realty teams uses CTMecontracts for electronic signatures and to manage our documents. FHA TO ACCEPT MORE DOCUMENTS WITH ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES as a universal system that helps reduce waste and make the contract process more efficient. Even the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT has weighed in on the subject! Much of this move towards electronic signatures was spearheaded by the National Association of REALTORS who lobbied the government using the information in their Field Guide to Electronic Signatures.

Real Estate Process and Information

pricing home for sale

Pricing Home For Sale

Click to see an explanation of how to optimize your return on investment while selling in a timely manner. 

drone images

Drone Images

TrailRidge Realty is known for using cutting edge technology when marketing your home for sale. Click to see our drone in action! 

title insurance

Title Insurance

Click to see an explanation of what title insurance is and how it protects homeowners. 

staging your home

Home Staging Tips

Click to see suggestions for how to spruce up your home and get it ready for sale.