Into the Wind Toy Store

into the wind toy storeInto the Wind is a toy store on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado. This is a great store to take your kids to look at some new toys. You don’t have to buy the toys to test them out though. Most of the toys are available to play with right in the store! When I take my kids to the store they love it, and even I still enjoy it. This store has all the toys you could imagine and more!

When you first walk in, you’ll probably feel very overwhelmed because everything seems likes it’s right in your face and there’s a lot hanging from the ceiling. But the more you look at the individual toys you can start to see how cool this store is. To the left of the entrance are all the squishy toys. As you look up you’ll see some of their kites on display as well as chimes, sculpture, stained glass, and much more. There are isles upon isles filled with toys. The walls have shelves to the top that are also filled with toys. As you get closer to the back you’ll start to see the candy and the noise makers. Kids loves this area because they are allowed to make as much noise with the toys as they can. You can buy the candy as individual pieces or combine multiple flavors in a bag that is given.

boulder coThere is a small room in the very back of the store that is filled with all the black-light related items. They have toys, posters, lava lamps, and more that all illuminate with the black-light that is always turned on. They do this to show you how cool the posters look in the black-light. If you look down you’ll see all the cool patterns they have that the above lights make. Be careful in this area though. A lot of the items you’re not allowed to touch, so make sure to keep your children monitored in this room.

If you’re just strolling the Pearl Street Mall one day, I highly suggest taking a stop at the Into the Wind Toy Store. It will be worth your while. Don’t be afraid to look around even if you don’t have kids. Everyone goes in here, no matter the age. This is also a great place to go holiday shopping for kids as well. I guarantee that you’ll find something for each kid.

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