contractorsRemodeling and adding on to your home can be stressful and overwhelming. The biggest factor that will determine whether the project goes smoothly or not is a good, reliable, and budget friendly contractor. They can either help you a lot or make things worse. This just adds on to the stress. Well, we are here to help. We have gathered a list of some contractors, with different specialties, that we think could be of help to you. Take a look! Let us know if you see something that is off or missing. Please note some that are listed are small contractors and won’t have a physical location they can be found at.


Tips when looking for a contractor: 


1. Connect with your contractor

A connection between you and the contractor is always a good sign. You want to be able to make sure they are easy to talk to and get a hold of. This will make communication a lot easier.

2. Make sure to talk about your budget. 

This is how the contractor and you will be able to determine if you can afford the project you want to do. Have them write down all the materials and products needed with a price of each and a total price of the whole project.

3. Put everything on the table starting at day one.

This will help with communication. When both parties have a good understanding of the plan and project, there will be less mishaps or costly accidents.

4. Look far enough into the future.

How long are you planning on living in your current home and does your project match that future? Is this project short-term or long-term?

5. Educate yourself

Be aware of the permits and regulations that are required for your project. Don’t continue the project with a blindfold on.

6. Look at scheduling

Contractors generally work during the day. This can be very distributive for those who also work from home. Make sure both your’s and the contractor’s schedules will work together.

7. A good contractor will always be able to offer references

References allow you to feel confident in the contractor that you choose. Unless you got a personal reference to the person, I highly recommend checking their references.

8. Put it in writing

Make a contract that will have all the details in it, some include: the payment plan, the start and end date, proof of liability of insurance, specific materials and products needed, and anything else you feel is important. A contract should not show distrust, but it should insure the project will run smooth.

9. Be prepared for home renovation

Make sure there is room for the contractor to have work space and an area to keep their tools. Move anything that could get lost or broken from the work site.

10. Keep good communication with your contractor

This is probably the most important tip. Good communication between both parties will save a lot of unwanted things from happening and will keep a smooth project going.

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