Chautauqua Neighborhood Boulder CO

chautauqua boulder coThe Chautauqua neighborhood is one of the oldest in Boulder CO. The whole neighborhood surrounds the historic park of Chautauqua and is walking distance to all the Colorado Chautauqua Association provides for the public. The house styles in this neighborhood have a variety ranging from Victorians, to the modern house design. Many of the homes are spacious and have large lots. Because it is so close to the school Colorado State University Boulder you can expect some condos and townhomes that provide a home for college students. Everyone is very friendly which makes it a great neighborhood to raise a child. There is the Chautauqua park that is just a walk away. All the kids in the neighborhood love this park, as it provides a great way for them to stay healthy and play at the same time. During the summer there are programs for the kids that are held at the park that include camp stories and nature hikes. At night it is time for the adults to have fun, stop by the Chautauqua Auditorium for concerts.

Chautauqua’s Nature

The Chautauqua neighborhood is in the perfect location for staying fit and being outdoors. It is very close to the Chautauqua trail head that is very popular for all of Coloradans; people will travel hours just to hike this trail. It has breathtaking views of the flatirons and the open space. There are a few different trails you can take, south boulder cosome are more advanced than others so make sure you know which one you are hiking. There is lots of nature surrounding everything. You walk outside and I promise you will see a tree next to you. It looks gorgeous in the summertime when the trees are full of color. Because this place is loved by everyone you can expect it to be constantly busy which provides the occasional problem with parking. But for the summertime when everyone is traveling down here to see the amazing views there are rental cottages that are not far away.

Real Estate Market

The areas bordering Chautauqua are highly sought after, and can be quite pricey. There were 16 homes sold in the neighborhood last year, with an average price of $1.5 million. Even a small home that needs updating can go for close to a million. Custom homes can be several million. Homes range in age from original homes built in the early 1900s to brand new custom builds.

Map of the Neighborhood

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Pictures of the Neighborhood 

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Chautauqua Neighborhood
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Chautauqua Neighborhood
Chautauqua neighborhood is one of the oldest in Boulder, surrounds a historic park and has amazing views. Click here to see more information.
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