Boulder County Winter Activities

Downtown Louisville Ice Skating

Downtown Louisville Ice Skating

Click to learn more about this seasonal community event that happens in Downtown Louisville over the winter months.

boulder colorado nordic club

Boulder Colorado Nordic Club

Click to read about the Boulder Colorado Nordic Club. They groom the trails so that the community can enjoy local cross country skiing.

eldora skiing

Eldora Skiing

Click to read about the Eldora Mountain Resort. It is the secret gem for Winter Sports in Boulder’s very own back yard.

celestial seasonings boulder co

Celestial Seasonings Boulder CO

Click to read about Celestial Seasonings. They offer free tea tours and have all the tea you would ever want.

winter funWe are lucky to live in Colorado because we get all four seasons, which includes winter! Some people don’t like winter because they say there just isn’t enough to do. But that’s not true. There are so many Boulder County Winter activities to do. Some include playing in the snow or staying warm inside.

If you are in Boulder County, Colorado you can expect snow. The snow here is beautiful, it falls on everything and lights up the ground when the sun reflects off it. But sometimes we can get a lot of snow, which makes it hard to drive to safely. When this happens you can stay home and make snowmen. Make sure you have good gloves, you’re hands are going to get cold. Some black buttons, a small carrot, two sticks, and a scarf will complete the snowman. Take pictures and show off your awesome snowman to all your friends.

On the days were there is a light snowfall and the roads aren’t bad you can take a trip up to one of the many ski resorts Boulder County has. One of our favorites is the Eldora Mountain resort. It is the perfect place to teach your kids how to ski. If you don’t have the whole day to go skiing, take a short trip to your nearest hill and go sledding. If you bring a shovel you can make your own little jumps to fly off of. If you fall off, that’s okay because now you can make snow angles. If you like being outside during the winter, you can go ice skating. There are so many places that have ice skating rinks.

Sometimes it’s way to cold to go outside though. If that’s the case stay inside and stay warm. Make some hot chocolate for you and the family. Get the fire started, sit around it, and enjoy the time with your friends and family. Tell stories about how awesome this year has been and share goals for the next year. Start a crock pot of chili and as you’re sipping your hot chocolate smell the food cooking. Finally, at the end of the day you can enjoy that chili you have been craving all day.

If you have kids break out the crafts. One of my favorites is make Santa in his sled and his reindeer pulling him. We use our foot and hand prints to make the sled and the reindeer. It is super cute and now you will never forget how small your child was this year. Another idea is to make a popcorn strand as decoration for the tree. All you need is popcorn, a string, and a thread. Not only is this a fun activity for the kids, but it’s edible!

Some people like to drink warm coffee or hot chocolate to stay warm, but me personally I like to drink tea. That’s another thing you can do! Take a trip to Boulder and take the free Celestial Seasonings tour. You get to see how they make their amazing tea and you get free samples. This is a great activity to do with the out-of-state family that comes in for the holidays, or just as a fun family outing.

The Boulder County winter activities are endless. Whether you want to enjoy the winter day by yourself or with others, there is always something to do. Comment below to tell me some of your fun winter traditions.

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tips for the snowy season

Tips for the Snowy Season

Click to read some tips on how to stay safe and warm during the snowy season. 


 Pictures of Winter 

boulder co

Boulder CO

Click to read about the culture, eco-friendly environment of Boulder, Colorado. 
food and drinks in boulder county

Food and Drinks

The food and drinks in Boulder County are endless. Click to see the many choices there are. 
erie colorado community

Erie CO

Click to read about the city of Erie where quality of life is top priority. 
athletics and outdoors

Athletics and the Outdoors

The athletics and outdoors in Boulder County are amazing. Click to see what all there is and more!
longmont city guide

Longmont CO

Click to read about Longmont Colorado. It’s the new BOOM town on the Front Range! 
Boulder Snow
Boulder Snow

There are so many great activities to do when it is snowing! Click here for a list of them.

winter fun

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