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boulder co

Boulder CO

Click to read about the culture, eco-friendly environment of Boulder, Colorado. 
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Louisville CO

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Lafayette CO

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Longmont CO

Click to read about Longmont Colorado. It’s the new BOOM town on the Front Range! 


Click to read about the Hippest-Hippie town around! 

Superior CO

Superior Colorado takes advantage of the amazing outdoor opportunities they have at their finger tips. Click to read!

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Gunbarrel Community

The Gunbarrel Community has the perfect combination of the cultures from Boulder and Longmont CO. Click here to see!
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Erie CO

Click to read about the city of Erie where quality of life is top priority. 

Boulder County Real Estate Market

The Boulder County real estate market is one of the most unique in the Front Range, and dare I say the United States. That is
because people flock here from near and far creating high demand for the land that is available, and it is scarce. Using the interactive Map below it is interesting to look compare the images of Boulder County and how it compares to the Metro Denver area. If you zoom in and out of the cities moving south you will notice how much of Boulder County remains green. That is because our community has consistently voted to use tax dollars purchase land around our county and dedicate it to Open Space. Currently, Boulder owns over 60,000 acres and has conservation easements totaling over 40,000 acres. That is more than 100,000 acres of natural environment for our community to enjoy. Here is a detailed map from the County of Boulder detailing the dedicated open space. This forward thinking movement has limited the amount of developable space creating the unique real estate environment where we live.

baselineWhen thinking of Boulder County City Reviews it is important to note that the various communities have so much to offer! There is a common theme among all the areas holding to the ideals that the City of Boulder maintains. These include things like green living or eco-friendly lifestyle, of course being active and pursuing athletic endeavors is also a cornerstone of our community. Throughout Boulder County there is also a thread of liberalism and idealist social goals that help bring everyone together.
While there is a central vein of commonality among the people of Boulder, when thinking of the individual Boulder County City Reviews it is important to note that each area has its own unique flavor. For example, the City of Boulder is hip and urban with people clamoring from all over the world filling the streets. This makes the City of Boulder feel more like a big city then a wild west country town. However, go out to Niwot and that is exactly how you feel; like it is a one horse town with farmers all around. The city of Louisville CO is a cross between a quiet mid-west town with an up and coming flare. That is because of their thriving downtown as well as the excellent schools. To contrast the others, city of Lafayette CO is taking a turn for the creative! The Arts District in Lafayette incorporates community sculptures and murals into the centers of community activity. The City of Longmont is going quite an extensive gentrification with a major remodel happening in their old shopping district, as well as other areas of their city. It’s becoming the cool new center for life that real people can afford when the City of Boulder becomes cost prohibitive. And how can we forget Nederland! Our favorite hippy town cannot be ignored with any Boulder County City Reviews. This area is known for its extreme liberalism, artist flare, and of course its own ski town, Eldora Mountain Resort!

Luxury Real Estate

whyweloveboulder2Because land is limited throughout our county it creates both scarcity and also desirability. People look to our community and see it as very attractive because of the natural environment. The trail system, outdoor lifestyle and incredible community it supports attracts people to Boulder from all over the world. However, with the scarcity of land for new development this causes a situation where demand exceeds supply driving the prices of our real estate to levels comparable to Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, etc. Because the price of land is valuable, the homes and buildings also reflect the same high-end luxury real estate. Local builders are often semi-custom meeting the elegant tastes of the consumers they hope to attract. Finishes within the homes are often modern with ease of living in mind. There is also a strong demand for ‘green’ features. This means our consumers want their homes to meet the highest standards for efficiency with the lowest carbon emissions in order to help preserve the natural environment that we love so much in Boulder County.

Green Boulder

The community within the City of Boulder goes beyond individual efforts for preserving the environment and actually bans together to enact laws that require green stewardship. Previously mentioned is the Open Space dedicated by tax dollars for preserving the meadows and trails around our county. There is also a Climate Action Plan (CAP) for greening the city. Boulder’s City Council is currently in talks to require local businesses to enact a recycling program. Building codes for residential real estate and also commercial projects require Green Points be met before construction can commence. All of these influence the buying decisions of our sophisticated individuals who are willing to pay a premium for green efficiency. Green living doesn’t just stop in the city of Boulder. It extends throughout our county to the many communities being constructed around our county. Everyone wants a home that has green features and a low HERS Index. Outlying cities such as Lafayette, Louisville and Longmont still strive for the highest in efficiencies and low carbon emissions. It’s a way of life for real estate throughout Boulder County.

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Food and Drinks

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