Hiking Settlers Park in Boulder Colorado

boulder colorado settlers park

Settler’s Park is one of the most popular outdoor spots in Boulder Colorado. It was the first camp made permanent by the American settler’s in 1858, thus it became aptly known as Settler’s Park. A popular area in the gold rush, two dozen members broke free of their wagon train to see if the foothills around Boulder were as fruitful as they hoped they might be for gold seekers.

This area isn’t just one trail, though there is one trail named after the park itself, rather it is a network of trails that finishes at the Red Rocks formation. While none of the trails are particularly difficult or long, they can be combined to make for a pretty decent workout if you are in the mood. You can even tack on Mount Sanitas if you venture over to the trails leading to Sunshine Canyon, or there is a trail that will add about 3 miles roundtrip that will take you up Sunshine Canyon if you are in the mood for a bit of adventure.

Be sure to pack a picnic lunch to enjoy at one of the picnic tables along the way at Settler’s Park, as you will enjoy some pretty spectacular views on these trails. If alternative modes of transportation are more your speed, the trailhead at Settler’s Park has a bike rack for you to park your bike before you set off on your hike, or you can even take the bus. If you decide to drive, be sure to get there early as this parking lot fills up fast, especially on the weekends.


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Pictures of Settler’s Park

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