Athletics and the Outdoors in Boulder County 

Athletics and the outdoors in Boulder County are amazing. This is a very active area. When you come here you will always see people running, biking, or skateboarding. The Boulder County community cares about their health and staying fit. Because of this you will never run out of sources to work out, be athletic, or have fun outdoors.

Boulder County is lucky because they have access to outdoor sports year round. In summer and spring you have tennis, baseball, softball, soccer, rock climbing, hiking, and biking. During the winter and fall you can ski, snowboard, sled, and ice skate. No matter where you go in Boulder County you can always find something fun to do.

With our busy lives it can get hard to get out there and stay fit. But at the end of the hard work day it’s worth the reward that comes with being fit. Exercising helps your physical and mental health, and gives you a great sense of accomplishment after you complete a good workout. Your stress levels will decrease knowing you can have that slice of cake when you get home because you’re staying fit. So get out there and stay active!

Athletics and the outdoors in Boulder County has so much to offer, there will never be a day where you won’t have something to do. So get together with your friends, family, or just yourself and meet new people. There is always an adventure waiting around the corner in our beautiful community.

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Summer Fun 

baseline lake boulder co

Baseline Lake

Click to see the houses that have a Boulder address with private access to Baseline Lake!

waneka lake

Waneka Lake

Waneka Lake is just one of fun places in Boulder County. Click here for fun summer ideas to do at this amazing lake. 

meadow music with jeff and paige

Meadow Music with Jeff and Paige

Click to see about Meadow Music. It’s the most fun you can have for FREE with your children through the summer… and it’s educational, too! 

pearl street mall

Pearl Street Mall

Click to see the Pearl Street Pedestrian Mall with photos in the day and at night.

fishing with kids

Fishing with Kids

Click to read about how Boulder County has some of the best spots to go fishing with kids.

Tulip Fairy and Elf Parade

Click to read about the Tulip Fairy and Elf Parade. There is magic and whimsy abound with this special event that ushers spring into Boulder. 

louisville street faire

Louisville Street Faire

Prepare for a fun and lively summer evening at the Louisville Street Faire. Click here to read why! 

Hiking Trails and Parks

marshall mesa trail

Marshall Mesa Trail

This trail is great for a moderate hike with your dog or horse and even if you bike it. Click to read more. 

settlers park

Settlers Park

Settlers Park is a network of trails that finish at the Red Rocks formation with beautiful views. Click to read more. 

backpacking car free

Backpacking Car Free

Click here to read about how you can backpack car free in Boulder County today! 

Autrey Dog Park

Autrey Dog Park Superior

Autrey Dog Park located in Superior Colorado is where all the locals go, and they love it. Click to read! 

Valmont Dog Park

Valmont Dog Park

The Valmont Dog Park is one of the best dog parks in our area! Click here to find out why and see a video.

whitetail park

Whitetail Park

Whitetail Park is the perfect park to get out and play or have a celebration. It has everything from park shelter to sports fields, to water misters. Click to read more!

velo stop

Velo Stop

Velo Stop is a store in Superior, Colorado that will fit all your bicycle needs. Click to read what they offer!

Winter Time

Downtown Louisville Ice Skating

Downtown Louisville Ice Skating

Click to learn more about this seasonal community event that happens in Downtown Louisville over the winter months.

eldora skiing

Eldora Skiing

Click to read about the Eldora Mountain Resort. It is the secret gem for Winter Sports in Boulder’s very own back yard.

boulder colorado nordic club

Boulder Colorado Nordic Club

Boulder Colorado Nordic Club grooms the trails so that the community can enjoy local cross country skiing. Click to read more.

tips for the snowy season

7 Tips for the Snowy Season

The snow can get crazy sometimes in Colorado. Click here to read 7 tips for the snowy season.

Pictures of the Athletics and the Outdoors in Boulder County



Athletics and the Outdoors in Boulder County
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