We Love Boulder at the North Boulder Park 

TrailRidge REALTORS has been working on this video to encapsulate why we love Boulder Colorado. These shorter out-takes have been made for two reasons. First, to be a teaser for the upcoming full length music video. Secondly, because there was so much great footage from each day of filming that we wanted to share more with you! Here is round two of the new theme song made specially for Boulder Colorado! The artists, Jeff and Paige, are shown here celebrating one our favorite things about living in Colorado – all of the billowing snow and fun outdoor sports we can do during the winter! Be sure to check out the artist’s web page Jeff and Paige! We also have a fun video highlighting their summer concert series, Meadow Music. This is a free concert for families in the grassy open space of Chautauqua. Please watch this second introductory video, enjoy and comment below with what you like most about Boulder Colorado! Leanne Goff

Candid Photos from Sunbeam Farms

Why We Love Boulder North Boulder Park Newlands
Why We Love Boulder Around Pearl Street

Why We Love Boulder Around Pearl Street

Click to watch a video that takes you through the Dushanbe Tea House, Boulder Creek and the Tebo train on Pearl Street!
Why We Love the Boulder Farmers Market

Why We Love the Boulder Farmer's Market

Click to see a video highlighting what we love the Boulder Farmer’s Market featuring our famous children’s artists, Jeff and Paige! 

 We Love Boulder at the North Boulder Park
We Love Boulder at the North Boulder Park

The North Boulder Park is fun any time of year, and especially in the winter time! Watch this playful video as Jeff and Paige romp in the snow while Nordic skiers cruise past.

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