We Love Boulder at Sunbeam Farms 

TrailRidge REALTORS has been working on this video to encapsulate why we love Boulder Colorado. Being parents and raising them in Boulder Colorado is one of the greatest gifts. We love the outdoor lifestyle, emphasis on local, farm fresh food and also all the fun activities around our county that are focused on children and education.

The idea to make this video sprung up in the fall of 2014. When brainstorming who would be the best artist to feature for a video about Boulder focused on families and fun the first question was who would the artist be that writes and sings this melody? Well that didn’t take long to determine, of course it would be Boulder’s infamous creative duo, Jeff and Paige!

Jeff and Paige are the writers and creative force behind the melody of this song. Their flare and fun-loving perspective emphasize the joyful lifestyle that Boulder residents embody. Between their talent and enthusiasm I believe that the song is simultaneously entertaining, playful while also reminding us all why we love Boulder.

The song wouldn’t be complete without a video! The technical skills of the videographer, Michael Travers with Hbar Films, helped capture the golden light and smiling faces of all those who participated in the filing of the video. His technical skills are highlighted in this and the upcoming teaser clips. However, his true scope of ability is realized in the final video, which will be released on February 13th at the Dairy Theater in Boulder (more to come on that).

For now, here is our first teaser clip. This was shot at Sunbeam Farms in Boulder Colorado. This was one of our first shoot locations. It was done in the late summer early fall of 2014. Its hard to believe from the footage captured that this was actually a rather cool and drizzly day. This made things rather chilly and cold. Another stand out experience was how beautiful Paige was in her final stages of pregnancy. The shoot was just weeks before Baby Wolf made his big debut!

Please watch this first introductory video, enjoy and comment below with what you like most about Boulder Colorado!

Leanne Goff

Candid Photos from Sunbeam Farms



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We Love Boulder at Sunbeam Farms
We Love Boulder at Sunbeam Farms

One of the best things about living in Boulder is the local production of food. We are a community of localvores! See a local farm in action with an intro to Jeff and Paige's song, "That's My City!"

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