valentines dayValentine’s Day can either be stressful or one of the most romantic days of the year. Here’s a couple ideas and activities to do for your loved ones to make sure this special day doesn’t go wrong.

The big things to remember for Valentine’s Day
  1. Valentine’s Day is Tuesday February 14th. Write it down somewhere so you don’t forget. The day will come fast, and it’s already right around the corner.
  2. Make sure you know if your partner wants something big or small. This could be the difference of a great day or Valentine’s gone wrong.
  3. Communication. Talk to your partner. Make them feel like the special person they are.

DIY Ideas for a Low Budget Valentine’s Day

  • Make a dinner and enjoy the time with just the two of you. Time away from the rest of the world can strengthen the bond between you two and make a fresh start for the next year ahead.
  • Make a list of the reasons why you love your partner and how they make you a better person.
  • Watch a funny movie. With all the pressure of making Valentine’s day perfect, a funny movie can lighten the mood and keep the night flowing.
  • valentines day letterIf distance is a problem, video chat with your partner. You can technically do all the above items still, just over camera.
  • Mail a letter to your partner a week before so they get it on Valentine’s day. Hand written letters is a form of lost art. Writing a letter to your partner can show how much effort you are willing to put into the relationship.
  • Take a walk in a park or around the lake. Fresh air and time to talk to your partner might be just what you need!
  • Hide candy around the house. Have your partner search for them like a scavenger hunt, careful of hungry pets!

Date Places

  • Ice Skating – There are rinks in every city. This a great activity to do because you get outside and enjoy fresh air. Chances are that one of you doesn’t skate the best, so falling down can cause physical connection between the two of you.
  • Going out to dinner is always a reliable choice for Valentine’s Day. I suggest a smaller local business, as there won’t be as many people and the service will be more personal.
  • If your girl loves cheese and wine, there are plenty of places that are specific for cheese and wine lovers! Variety like no other.
  • valentines chocolate Go see a show, whether it’s a Ballet, the Symphony, a concert, or an Opera. Try to find one that fits both of your interests. Valentine’s day is about celebrating the love of both partners, not just one.
  • If the weather is nice, take a hike on one of the many beautiful trails that Colorado offers. Bring a lunch to enjoy while taking a break.
  • Go to a chocolate factory or store. As most girls would love to have chocolate given to her on Valentine’s day, take her to the chocolate instead! Most places will have free samples.
  • Stay in and make a dinner, watch a movie, play a game, and enjoy the true presence of your partner.


valentines day flowersOther Ideas

  • Have flowers delivered to your partner. This is always a reliable way to go for Valentine’s Day.
  • Take a vacation, just the day or a couple days, whether that’s just to a different city or a whole other state or country! Getting away from your daily life can be very relaxing and romantic for the two of you.
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