Trails at Coal Creek by Meritage 

Trails at Coal Creek is conveniently located off of hwy 287, just south of South Boulder Road and north of Hwy 42.

The development is separated into two separate sides – on the South side of the Coal Creek is the most expensive Alpine Collection which also has all of the models for both sides of the development.  The Alpine Collection has larger lots and larger homes and ranges in base price from $593,990 to $657,990.  The lots themselves carry a premium of $20,000 and will likely go up to $100,000+ for the most West lots that back to open space and have amazing mountain views.  These lots have not been released yet but they expect to be released in the Summer of 2017 with a final build completion of Spring 2018.

The Fraser2,484 sq. ft. , 3 bed , 2.5 bath , 3 tandem garage , 1 story
The Independence2,824 sq. ft. , 3 bed , 2.5 bath , 3 tandem garage , 1 story
The Fremont3,213 sq. ft. , 3 bed , 2.5 bath , 3 bay garage , 2 story
The Kenosha3,511 sq. ft. , 4 bed , 3.5 bath , 3 bay garage , 2 story
The Trail Ridge3,646 sq. ft. , 4 bed , 3.5 bath , 3 bay garage , 2 story
The Berthoud3,703 sq. ft. , 4 bed , 4 bath , 3 bay garage , 2 story
The Red Rock1,655 sq. ft. , 3 bed , 2 bath , 2 bay garage , 1 story
The Timberline1,935 sq. ft. , 3 bed , 2 bath , 2 bay garage , 1 story
The Glacier2,397 sq. ft. , 3 bed , 2.5 bath , 3 tandem garage , 2 story
The Apex2,772 sq. ft. , 3 bed , 2.5 bath , 3 tandem garage , 2 story
The Monument2,906 sq. ft. , 3 bed , 2.5 bath , 3 tandem garage , 2 story
The Canyon3,053 sq. ft. , 3 bed , 3.5 bath , 3 bay garage , 2 story

Trails at Coal Creek: the process

These prices are as of May 3, 2017 as stated on their website. Meritage Homes releases 4 lots at a time and there is a priority list that would be the first step in pursuing a new home.  The priority list does not require any deposit, however, a pre-qualification with the Meritage Homes lender is required. There are over 200 people on the priority list currently. I have been part of several lot releases and I can explain how this process works.  Every few weeks, Meritage prepares to release 4 lots on each side, Trails and Alpine collection.  They advertise the timing and at the day and time of the release, the buyer (or representative) needs to be present. There is no priority for the order that one shows up. Based on who has signed in, Meritage then reviews the list against the priority list and creates a priority of buyer lot selections based on their placement on the priority list.  They then take those buyers into the office (of their selected representative) one at a time and that buyer can select their lot and floor plan.  After each selection, Meritage will let the others know which lot and home has been selected.  Usually, there are around a dozen interested parties for 8 lots so the chances of getting one of the released lots is good.  However, they will not put the same floor plan on adjoining lots so if the prior person selected your same floor plan, you may have to move your lot and/or change your floor plan.

Upon selecting your lot and floor plan, you will need your deposit ($10,000) to secure your selection and within 3 days you will need to finalize your structural upgrades.  These include, but are not limited to, selection of bedrooms vs. loft space, rod iron railing or half wall, air conditioning, solar panels, double shower or master tub, add a fireplace.  We are often 3 months away from breaking ground but these items need to be including in purchasing materials, as well as in the permitting process.

Within 1 month of selecting your structural upgrades, you will have 2 design selection meetings.  These are generally 4 hour sessions to review flooring, tile, faucets, cabinets, countertops, lighting, etc.  Again, your home has not broken ground yet but these choices may change some of the building and it is difficult to change any of these selections once you’ve completed the 2nd meeting.  I have attended many of these meetings with my clients and it can be overwhelming.  My biggest recommendations are to (1) find pictures in Houzz, Pinterest, etc. for inspiration.  This way you can have a guide for kitchen cabinets, tile, flooring and you can have a look you are trying to recreate and (2) spend your money on items that are impossible or difficult to change after the fact.  Backsplash, for example, in the kitchen usually only includes 3” of your chosen countertop and no full decorative tile is included. This is relatively simple and easy to change after the fact.  Hardwood flooring, however, is a big pain to change once you’ve living in the home and I recommend changing that if it is a priority.

A few months later, you’ll have your first meeting about the building of your home.  This is the pre-construction meeting and is usually 1-3 weeks prior to breaking ground on your home.  This starts to narrow in on your timeframe for home completion.  So far, Meritage is ahead of schedule due to good weather, great contractors and a huge demand.  They estimate about 5 months from breaking ground, to home completion.  This is the first meeting where you will meet the builder for your home who will go through 7 items, reviewing the lot plan, structural upgrades (confirmation), warranties, and more.

Your sales representative (Dana, David, or Travis) will send you weekly notes and photos about the progress of your home.  Meritage Homes is also great about letting you view your property but just have a few conditions – requesting you let them know when you are on site and keeping with their safety regulations – such as wearing a hardhat when on a construction zone.

Once the structure is completed, there will be a hardhat walkthrough pre-drywall to ensure all the wiring is in place.  Meritage Homes is one of the leaders in the green building movement and they surpass the expectations that are set by Boulder County for energy efficient homes.  All exterior walls have blown-in insulation which has proven to be more efficient and make their homes very “tight” – in fact, there is fresh air pumped into the homes since there is no passive air flowing through the home due to this amazing insulation.  There are many other upgrades they do by choice, such as LED lights and triple pane windows which is also standard.  If you visit any of their show rooms throughout Colorado, you will see that each development features these green items so you can see and feel the difference.

Meritage homes has made a huge effort to ensure the buyer doesn’t feel that once the home is “delivered” the communication ceases.  They have a series of reviews that they send out, plus, they check in on your home 3 weeks after closing and again 1-year after closing.

Trails at Coal Creek: Working with an agent on a new build

I have worked with several different Meritage Home developments as well as other new construction builders and feel very comfortable recommending Trails at Coal Creek to anyone seeking a new home that is a smart layout, in a great location and quality construction.  Also, many don’t know that there is no disadvantage to hiring a Realtor for a new home purchase.  The builder pays my fee so it’s no money out of the buyer’s pocket, plus, they have an experienced advocate to review asking the questions that they don’t know to ask.  Some builders are very strict about bringing the agent with you for your first meeting so they may not honor your relationship with your Realtor if you venture out on your own.  My recommendation is to find an agent (I’d love to work with you) and I will give you a stack of my cards so when you visit the builder, they know you’re working with me.  I can also call the builder ahead of time and let them know that we are working together and they will put us in the system, prior to your visit.

Just like buying a re-sale home, signing a buyer agency agreement does not say you have to buy a home and it is usually the seller who pays for the buyer (rare cases in for sale buy owners that may not be the case).  There really is no down-side to having an agent represent you and please don’t worry about “wasting our time” by passively looking for a home.  I have been doing this for almost a century and if we find the house in 2017, great, but if it is 4 years later, that’s fine with me too.  It is truly an honor for me to handle the buying and selling of your home.  If you are looking in an area that I do not specialize in, you can still let me know and I can find a top-notch agent for you.  I want you to be in good hands and the other agent will be happy to pay a small percentage of the sales commission back to me as a thank you for the referral.

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