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Our Team

leanne goff

Leanne Goff

Click to learn about Leanne Goff. She has been a Boulder County REALTOR since 2007. Her priority is to help Sellers achieve the highest return on their investments in a timely manner.  

drew smith

Drew Smith

Click to read about Drew Smith. He was born and raised in Boulder County and has been serving home buyers since 2011. Home Buyers will appreciate his attention to detail and patience through the real estate process.

libby boyd

Libby Boyd

Click to learn about Libby Boyd. She focuses mainly on the “L”s, Lafayette, Longmont and Louisville and specializes in the Blue Heron and Indian Peak neighborhoods.

lyn luensmann

Lyn Luensmann

Click to learn about Lyn Luensmann. She is the Transaction Coordinator and Mobile Notary for the Monarch Transactions and is here to help you with the documents. 

Misty Deiparine

Misty Deiparine

Click to read about Misty Deiparine. Her role is the office assistant. She helps out with any general tasks that the realtors need help with. 

autumn white

Autumn White

Click to read about Autumn White. Her love of people and passion for service allows her to dedicate her time and energy to helping people navigate through the overwhelming process of selling and buying real estate.