SentriLock – Your Home’s Security is Our Priority 

When your home is listed for sale, you have the right to know who has entered your home and how many times. You should also have the ability to limit the access to your home! SentriLock lock boxes do just that and they are the only lock boxes used at TrailRidge.

One of TrailRidge Realty’s top priorities is the security of our customers while their homes are listed for sale. One of the ways we confirm that security is by using SentriLock’s newest version of their electronic lockboxes.  These devices offer the most secure, durable, and versatile lock box in the industry. They offer individual one-day codes specific to each agent who is showing the property. The code then expires at the end of the day ensuring that the code isn’t used to access the home at a later date. This is much different than the conventional lock box where every agent is given the same code – day after day – while the home is listed. As soon as that one day code is issued, anyone who obtains  the showing instructions can enter your property at any time day or night!

The SentriLock lock box keeps a record of the individual agents who have accessed your home, and how many times they stopped by that day. The lock box also allows for specific entry times for your home. For example, all TrailRidge SentriLock lock boxes allow agents and their clients to enter your home between the hours of 8am-9pm. Outside of those hours the lock boxes are automatically locked so that even the one day codes will not open the box. If you have specific requirements other than 8am-9pm please notify your TrailRidge listing agent so that they can customize the lock box for you. For example, if you have a young child who takes naps between 1pm-3pm the lock box can be coded to stay closed and not allow entry at that time.

sentrilockAnother great benefit of this system is that there is a record of who has entered your home with their one day code, and how often they visited. If the showing agent’s clients are interested in your home they might come back for a second look that day. This is understandable as the potential Buyer might want to have another look before considering an offer. Another scenario is that you cannot tell if the showing agent came by your home according to their requested appointment. Maybe they didn’t leave a card and you are curious about if they accessed your home. Ask your agent for this information. They can easily email you a report about who has come into your home and how often.

This lock box is an amazing reassurance for the home owners. It puts the owners at ease knowing who is in their house, when they cane and that they are not unauthorized strangers. It allows the home owner to have a sense of control and privacy.

Watch the video below to hear how one of the most highly accredited real estate attorneys of our era in Colorado felt about the SentriLock lock box. Note that this video was created in 2011. Imagine all the technology advances since then and the improvements SentriLock has made. These lockboxs are really one of a kind and TrailRidge Realty is proud to say we use them for every listing.

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