The Sellers of Kilkenny, who were also the Buyers of Hummingbird, decided to make their donation to the Northcoast Marine and Mammal Center. They feel deeply connected to the ocean and long to retire on the coast one day soon. To help facilitate that connection their donation was directed towards this organization.

The North Coast Marine Mammal Center is a private Non-Profit Organization, dedicated to the Rescue and Rehabilitation of stranded, sick or injured Seals, Sea Lions, Dolphins, Porpoises and Whales along the Northern most Coast of California. The Center, located in Crescent City’s Beachfront Park (See Map), also promotes public understanding of Marine Mammals and the importance of our Marine Environment. They recognize the interdependence of our society with Marine Mammals and our responsibility to use our intelligence, resources and compassion to ensure their survival and the conservation of their habitat.

By Leanne Goff



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