The Book Cellar

the book cellarThe Book Cellar is a small book store off Main Street in Louisville Colorado. This quaint book store offers all kinds of fun for people of all ages. It is locally owned and a one-of-a-kind store. They have a cute sign outside their store that promotes their current sale or new book they got. When you walk in, it feels like home.

The store is laid out perfectly. Everything is categorized together and organized very well. The owner does a great job keeping the store maintained and put together. They have shelves upon shelves with books in almost every category. They offer puzzles, for adults and kids, games, and multiple pieces of art. There are shelves that are designed for decoration mainly, but you can still buy the items off them. They have fun stuffed animals and toys spread through out the store to match the type of book it’s next to. You will also see little notes in the store that will give away the staff favorites.

The Book Cellar is the dream of a corner book store. It has a family welcoming feeling. The staff and owner are very nice and will be happy to see you. If you have the chance to stop by and check it out, I highly recommend it! Let us know if you stopped by and how your experience was. We would love to hear.

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The Book Cellar
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The Book Cellar
The Book Cellar is a quaint small book store on Main Street in Louisville CO. They offer more than just books, click here to find out!
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