Lafayette CO Real Estate Market Statistics October 7, 2015


The Lafayette Real Estate Market for October 7th, 2015 shows steady demand for available inventory. There seems to be a general feeling of a cooling throughout the marketplace with inventory staying active and available past the first weekend available, in some cases. If the home doesn’t procure a buyer in the first weekend it is available, it is likely to sit active on the market for 30 days or more.

Prices bounce around in Lafayette, as to be expected based on the available inventory. There is a lot of different product type available in the city which can push up or bring down the overall average. For example, imagine the difference in value and its affect on the averages when comparing a 4000 square foot single-family home that sold to a smaller one bedroom townhome. That can make the averages bounce around a lot month by month.

However, like the stock market we are not looking at the real estate market on a daily basis. We are more concerned with averages over time. On average, home prices have been trending up throughout Lafayette since January of 2013. It is also an excellent time to sell, as long as when listing a property the Seller remembers to price the home competitively. Then it should sell quickly and at the premium price.

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