Lafayette Martin Luther King March

lafayette martin luther king march

Participating in the Lafayette Martin Luther King March was rewarding on many levels. First, it felt so good to be there with my daughter remembering the historic figure and all that he stood for. My daughter had been learning about who Martin Luther King was in her first grade class. I think that the march really made the connection for her about how important he really was, and still is.

Secondly, I learned more about MLK and what he stood for, which was peace and love. He felt that the more peace and love in someone’s being, the better the world would be overall. I couldn’t agree more. It was also a stand out experience to know that we live here in Lafayette, a city that promotes and supports equality. There was a huge crowd! People of all shapes, sizes, nationalities, ages and abilities were in attendance. Everyone gathered at the Festival Plaza early to show off their posters promoting peace and to listen to Reverend James Ray speak and to the Shekenah Glory Choir. It was glorious to see the children whose posters reflected what they learned about Rosa Parks and also about how important peace is overall for our communities.

Probably the most fun part of the march, especially for my daughter, was the Centaurus High School cheerleaders, band and color guard. She had so much fun listening to the music and watching the cheers that she wouldn’t let us walk in the back with the other pedestrians. My little girl wanted to be in the front before the cheerleaders! She was marching and cheering and having a great time! The march went on for quite a while from the Festival Plaza all the way to the high school, and she was a trooper the entire time!

Once we made it to Centaurus High there was food for all participants as well as a pep rally! It was quite a gathering, but we couldn’t stay through the end. The Kutandara Center’s Vana Vedu Band played while the cheerleaders performed. There were quite a few speeches that were made, each one offering a different outlook on the celebration of MLK. The students then talked about the Public Achievements and the Lafayette Peer Empowerment Project. The speaking ended with amazing poetry by Izzy Tec Verde. But the pep rally ended with a bang as the West African Drum and Dance Ensemble gave it their best to represent why they support MLK.

This year was the 10th anniversary of the Lafayette MLK March and pep rally. It had a great show up and was tons of fun. I hope to see you there next year!


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 Pictures of the Lafayette MLK March and Pep Rally 

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Martin Luther King March Lafayette CO
Martin Luther King March Lafayette CO

Participating in the Lafayette Martin Luther King March was rewarding on many levels. Find out more here

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