The Lafayette Farmer’s Market was in its first year being organized and hosted by the Boulder County Farmer’s Market’s organization. Because of the newness of the event, the farmers who participated understood that the crowds would hopefully be growing throughout the season and that attending might be less profitable that at other markets with a longer, proven history of success. To offset some of the risk that the farmers took on due to the newness of the Lafayette market, attendees were given the opportunity to become ‘Founding Members.’

The Founding Membership cost $50 per interested person. This money was divided among the farmers to help them meet their minimums for each night. At the end of the season, the founding members were invited to a special farm at Johnson Farms located on the outskirts of Lafayette in unincorporated Boulder County.

The farm itself was homesteaded in 1860. It originally contained about 1000 acres, many of which have been donated to Boulder County’s open space program. The current owners, Shirley and Duane are family members to the original homesteaders. The original owners were Shirley’s great grandparents. They moved to the land in 1860 and grew alfalfa, as well as ran cattle on the property.

The Johnson family is no longer farming the property themselves. Their business has transformed to become a tool sharpening business which they do throughout all of the Boulder Farmer’s Market locations. They do still have farming on the land, which is leased to individuals. They are permitted to use the tools on the farm that are owned by the Johnson family and sell the produce at the local markets.

On the evening of October 12th the Founding Members enjoyed a meal on this beautiful farm in this idyllic location. The food was catered by The Post, with  many of the ingredients provided by the local farmers. It was the perfect night to meet neighbors and enjoy an open air meal while watching the sunset behind the mountains.

Lafayette, Colorado Farmers Market

Lafayette, Colorado Farmers Market

The Lafayette, Colorado Farmers market always has Colorado-grown fresh food, great entertainment, and amazing food trucks. Click to see pictures.  
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