Indian Peaks South Lafayette CO

indian-peaks-south-16The newest community in Indian Peaks South Lafayette CO This area is meeting the area demand for new, high quality construction and energy efficient homes. There are 3 different collections within the community including the Classic, Traditional and Bungalow collections. These are listed in order of their size with Classic as the largest floor plan and the Bungalows as the smaller of the three.   The Indian Peaks South community in Lafayette CO is known for its energy efficient homes and connected community of neighbors. The builder, Mc Stain, had the goal of creating sustainable homes that exceed the standard levels of energy efficiency. Energy efficiency was achieved by combining many different elements of construction.

The homes are ENERGY STAR rated. To earn this recognition the home needs to pass a Thermal Enclosure test, which evaluates home the home is sealed from the elements using things like insulation as well as how well windows and doors are installed. There is also a heating and cooling test that evaluates indoor air quality. The ENERGY STAR rating also tests the water management systems in the home making sure that the appliances are efficiently using the water supply. In addition to energy efficiency in the home, the community as a whole in Indian Peaks South is pindian peaks lafayette colanned around the concepts of New Urbanism where lots are smaller and the parks are bigger. In this way people are encouraged to come together in a park setting where children play and adults interact beyond what would happen if you had a tall fence and a large backyard where homeowners are segregated from one another.

This is seen in how the community has been setup to have both a central open park as well as commercial use on the exterior edges. The open park space is intended to encourage homeowners to meet their neighbors while enjoying the green open area. Another benefit of leaving the large green space is that it encourages more wildlife into the area. This open space is soon to have a pool area for the exclusive use of the Indian Peaks South community! Having the walk-able urban area planned into the community is essential to the principals of New Urbanism. This creates a walk-able community where residents don’t have to drive in order to access restaurants and other commercial businesses.

This area is currently not under construction but the future holds this space for residents to enjoy as development continues. This commercial section is in the northeast corner of Indian Peaks South, bordering the intersection of 95th Street (Highway 42) and Baseline. Nobody is sure how this will corner will ultimately develop at this time. There was once talk about it being a gas station, which was met with much controversy from the community. People rumor (and hope) that it will be the future site of a local cafe, coffee shop and/or yoga studio of sorts. Time will tell how it pans out!

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Indian Peaks South Lafayette CO
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Indian Peaks South Lafayette CO
The newest community in Indian Peaks South Lafayette CO This area is meeting the area demand for new, high quality construction and energy efficient homes.
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