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indian peaks west Mc Stain builders started sales in Indian Peaks West as early as 2001. The first section to be completed was Caribou Pass in the Meadow Mountain section of the community. The homes on Blue Lake Trail and some of the custom homes were completed in 2002. There are 328 homes in the entire community and 55 of those are custom builds. Of the 273 homes built by Mc Stain outside of the custom section there is a strong mix of styles and sizes. There are a few duplexes and many town-homes in this section. There are also smaller single-family homes as well as larger properties approaching 4000 square feet in size. Mc Stain wanted this community to be for everyone offering the various sizes to attract different types of homeowners.

The Community

The neighbors in Indian Peaks West are very connected and involved with creating a community of friends. There are five parks throughout the area that offer a central meeting area for the residents who surround it. One central park is largest and offers enough space for all the residents to meet and have parties. Some of the events held in the big park include a large family pot-luck in the beginning of summer, food trucks in the warm evenings, an Easter Egg hunt in the spring, and even a July 4th bike parade! And if that all sounded like fun you should see this place on Halloween! Basically all of the homes open their doors and have a giant community party. Some of the parents walk around with the children and someone has to stay home to man the door — which basically will stay open with a stream of children in costumes looking for treats. The parents often get ‘stuck’ at each house saying hello to their friends while the children do the same.

The Schools

Another reason Indian Peaks West is sought after is because of its zoning for Boulder schools. While all of Lafayette is part of BVSD, the zoning is for Lafayette based schools. Indian Peaks West is the only community in Lafayette receives the benefit of being enrolled into Boulder schools. This means Douglass Elementary, which is one of the top 10 schools in the state. The neighborhood also goes to Platt Middle School, which makes the top 5 ranking.

Neighborhoods in Indian Peaks West

The Indian Peaks West community in Lafayette CO has long and winding roads that lead to various sections of the community. The back section is called Thunder Lake. This is a great area because of its seclusion and large circular drive. It lends itself to children playing sports out front and learning to ride their bikes in the circle. Just a bit further to the front from Thunder Lake, and also located on a circle, is the Red Deer Trail. There is a wide open green space in the middle of the circle where children often play ball with their family. This area also has an alley which is accessed by the homes facing the Indian Peaks Trail W. These allies are found throughout certain areas of Indian Peaks West and are often called the ‘Kids Super-highways.’

As you continue to approach the front of the neighborhood from Red Deer there are a few homes in Indian Peaks West itself that have a sort of alley in the front of their house. Many of the homes on Red Deer Trail back to the golf course have magnificent views! The use is intended for the homes on the street exclusively so again, it becomes a popular area for the neighbors to hang outside and talk while the children conduct their games.

The next section as you head out of the community has the custom homes on the east next to the large community park and then ‘The Parks’ section to the west, as it was termed by Mc Stain in construction. Many of the custom homes back to the golf course and have magnificent views. The homes in The Parks are varied from very small at 2000 square feet to larger around 4200 square feet. Some of the larger homes back to open space and have wide open green views that have natural grasses and wildlife. The smaller ones were planned my Mc Stain to indian peaks lafayette cohave central access points thereby maximizing the lot for each home by minimizing the amount of land used for sidewalks.

There are a few sections that have 6 homes per access point, so we call them ‘The 6 Packs’. These are often accessed by another one of the ‘Kid Super-Highway’ allies in the back. This section of the community access the Blue Lake Park for neighborly activities. There is a swing-set and climbing area where children are often seen playing throughout the day.

The last two sections of the community are closest to Baseline. They are Meadow Mountain and the homes along Indian Peaks Trail West. The Meadow Mountain community is like its own giant cul-de-sac or circle. The road is very private and only the residents of this area commonly drive through making it a great place for kids to play. There is a large central park for the residents of Meadow Mountain who enjoy a swing set and other amenities. The homes along the front of Indian Peaks Trail West range from larger single-family homes to the section of attached homes. The larger homes can approach 4,500 square feet with incredible views of the golf course from their front yards. The townhomes are tucked behind these larger properties and also have their own cul-de-sacs for the children to enjoy traffic free playing.

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