Blue Heron Estates Year to Year Market Recap

Libby Boyd analyzes the Blue Heron Estate real estate market from year to year. Scroll down to read what she says and the recap of the stats for the year. Contact Libby with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Happy New Year neighbors! In 2016, a total of 10 homes sold for an average price per square foot of $150. This is slightly higher than last year but is still not as high as our neighbors. Two homes were listed over $1 Million but neither home sold so we’re still unable to break that barrier.  Scroll down for the averages.

AddressSoldDateSoldPriceBdrmBathsTotalSqFtPrice/Sqft TOTAL% of askingDOM
2540 Blue Heron Cir W1/20/2016$855,000456271$136.3498%129
2548 Cowley Dr3/30/2016$864,000545583$154.7699%51
2537 Columbine Cir4/13/2016$750,000444750$157.89103%4
1745 Lois Ct4/4/2016$815,000556495$125.4897%34
2421 Ginny Way7/18/2016$865,000555205$166.1996%74
1779 Poppy Ct7/5/2016$855,000556651$128.55101%55
2412 Ginny Way9/30/2016$875,000555426$161.26100%136
2531 Columbine Cir7/26/2016$775,000544246$182.52100%15
2595 Ginny Way8/31/2016$770,000545037$152.8797%79
2523 Westward Dr10/18/2016$645,000544568$141.2098%71
Average $806,900  5423.2$150.7199%64.8

Due to the continued strong market in Boulder County, listing agents in Blue Heron are raising home prices significantly. This has  increased the average sale price by $41,000 and the price per square foot by $16. At the same time, the percent of asking price and days on market have remained consistent. However, compared with home sales in Louisville and Lafayette, Blue Heron is getting less per square foot than similar homes. I am entering my 3rd year of membership in the Blue Heron HOA and I believe our community is an amazing neighborhood. Scroll down for the averages.

AddressSoldPriceBdrmBathTotal SqFtPrice/SqFt TOTAL% of askingDOM
2548 Cowley Dr$760,000.00545557$136.76101.33%46
1773 Rockies Ct$755,000.00444592$164.42100.67%42
2528 Ginny Way$842,500.00655514$152.7998.54%64
1777 Poppy CT$800,000.00546908$115.8196.39%139
2436 Ginny Way$647,500.00434172$155.20100.00%42
2537 Cowley Dr$589,000.00224112$143.2498.33%25
2535 Blue Heron Cir W$850,000.00445074$167.5297.81%78
2518 Westward Dr$675,000.00434611$146.39100.00%62
2598 Ginny Way$699,900.00444208$166.33100.00%42
Average$735,433.33  4972$149.8399.23%60

Our neighborhood continues to be an extremely competitive seller’s market. With interest rates still in the 4% APR range (even for jumbo loans), we have many active buyers searching the limited home inventory. In 2013, 16 homes sold in Blue Heron but in 2014, only 7 homes sold. The average days on market dropped from 106 to an astonishing 62 with those homes collecting an average of 98.4% of asking price. Scroll down for the averages.

AddressSoldDateSoldPriceBdrmBathTotalSqFtPrice/SqFt TOTAL% of askingDOM
1777 Casey Ct5/2/2014$762,500.00555257$145.0498.40%7
2541 Ginny Way9/12/2014$745,000.00436828$109.1196.90%166
2505 Ginny Way6/30/2014$730,000.00765402$135.1497.30%18
2550 Dutch Ct7/28/2014$587,000.00433802$154.39100.00%24
2468 Ginny Way7/15/2014$642,500.00555567$115.4198.90%47
2413 Ginny Way10/16/2014$730,000.00654780$152.7297.40%112
1696 Avian Ct9/17/2014$585,000.00334683$124.92100.00%63
Average $699,500.00   5188$133.8298.40%62

Happy New Year neighbors!  This year has been proof that the real estate market is recovering. The amount of homes sold in Blue Heron increased from 8 in 2011 to 12 in 2012. While the sellers are still getting an average of 96% of their asking price, the amount they received for each square foot increased from $124 to $128. This increase may seem small but, that works out to be more than $18,000 increase in home sold price, on average per square foot. Scroll down for the averages.

AddressSoldDateSoldPriceBdrmBathTotalSqFtPrice/SqFt TOTAL% of askingDOM
1733 Peregrine Ct2/26/2013$649,200444358$148.9793.4%181
1745 Lois Ct4/2/2013$640,000556495$98.5492.8%198
2498 Ginny Way2/5/2013$700,000655414$129.2997.9%138
2559 Ginny Way2/22/2013$665,000555174$128.5398.5%141
2396 Ginny Way3/28/2013$895,000455408$165.5096.8%22
2555 Ginny Way5/24/2013$667,000645496$121.3697.4%99
2580 Blue Heron Cir4/26/2013$550,000444129$133.2097.3%1
2507 Westward Dr6/4/2013$582,000334696$123.9498.8%62
2436 Ginny Way6/14/2013$570,000434172$136.63100.2%64
1737 Peregrine Ct5/31/2013$625,000433864$161.75100.0%50
1763 Rockies Ct6/19/2013$710,000544880$145.4998.6%57
2520 Cowley Dr7/2/2013$570,000443383$168.4995.2%419
1775 Rockies Ct7/17/2013$710,000554794$148.1098.6%28
2523 Westward Dr11/12/2013$564,000434568$123.4797.4%159
2495 Blue Heron Cir8/12/2013$952,500664882$195.1096.3%21
2586 Ginny Way10/4/2013$595,400544924$120.9299.2%55
Average $665,319  4789$140.5897.4%106

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