Lafayette Brew Fest

Lafayette Brew Fest 2015 is coming! This is an amazing festival where you can try all new kinds of beer. This year it is held on September 12 from 1PM to 6PM. It is at a new location this year:

Lafayette Florist, 600 South Public Road, Lafayette, Colorado.

You can park on the street and in the lots where allowed. You can even walk or ride your bike! Chris Daniels and the Kings will be playing live!

 Bring your friends, family, and loved ones to enjoy and explore craft/micro beers one pour at a time. Come and go as you like.  The event is free to walk through. If you’re just coming in with your friends, or are the designated driver, there is no need to buy a ticket. They will have complimentary water and non-alcoholic beverages will be available for sale by the food vendors.

Lafayette Brew Fest                       Lafayette Brew Fest              Lafayette Brew Fest

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