Invest in People – Part 1

invest in people who invest in you

This Memorial Day weekend I’ve been reflecting on how beautiful it is to live in Boulder and how fantastic it feels to give to our community. There are so many people who care for one another and want to see each other succeed in our lives. At TrailRidge we want to infuse that same energy into the office and among the agents so that we are all working to help each other succeed!

Many of you have probably seen the TrailRidge team volunteering at events and supporting the causes in our community. This feeling of giving and sharing helps everyone succeed. We want to continue that vein of caring to include giving to the agent’s who work with TrailRidge. Our goal is to provide an inclusive office space where everyone shares both tools and ideas helping the agents grow their business, and ability to give to their communities.

In a 3 part series I would like to present to you how we invest in the people who invest in us.

Part 1 – Shared Marketing & PARTIES!

Email Campaigns

The marketing at TrailRidge includes automation that helps agents stay in touch with their clients and friends. The primary source of automatic marketing is our shared email campaign. Notice that these emails are not branded to a specific agent, but rather to the agency so that everyone can benefit from the branding! We have a staff writer who produces the fun community content, such as this article about the Bolder Boulder. Agents have the opportunity to contribute to the content and are encouraged to write statistics articles about areas in their communities, such as this one about the Indian Peaks real estate market. There are systems in place that automatically include your current and new clients into the emails.


In addition to great marketing online, the TrailRidge team also hosts great parties together! We have an upcoming Summer event where we are going to announce the names of some of our new agents. We will also celebrate Leanne Goff’s graduation from REALTOR University. In addition to the summer party, all of the agents also share a holiday party with clients where Santa comes for photos with the kids.

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Photos with Santa!


In addition to sharing emails and parties, all of the agents are encouraged to do direct contact with their clients that shines a professional, and fun light on how the agent will serve theme. Any ideas that one of us has is shared in an open, caring fashion with the other agents on the team. We know that by sharing our ideas we will all grow together. TrailRidge provides a toolbox of marketing, parties and shared ideas for the benefit of our team members.

Next week we will explore more of how we want to invest in our growing team, so that the current agents will invest in us. We are also hoping that a few good agents will read this and want to invest in us as well, knowing how much they will receive in return. Please contact us using the form below if you would like to meet our team and explore the idea of growing with us!


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Invest in People - Part 1
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Invest in People - Part 1
In a 3 part series I would like to present to you how we invest in the people who invest in us. Click here to read the first part.
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