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This week its all about training. Our goal is to provide tools that help agents become successful. Systems are hard to define and its our position that these systems can help agents become successful. They help define goals and set targets so that we can take our business from reactive to proactive! But without training on how to use these systems, or define them, then how does one even get started? We are here to provide that solution! Through teamwork, coaching and accountability we are ready to help agents reach their full potential and turn the corner in their real estate business. This isn’t just a hobby, or second job – its a career!

Part 2 – Systems in Place


The TrailRidge office provides monthly coaching sessions with Clara Capano. These sessions are focused around the Ninja philosophy of selling, meaning thatwe plan for and listen to the needs of our clients. There are no pushy sales techniques. This is about scheduling time to generate business while keeping time for the execution of the business. Most important to the Ninja philospohy is creating space for one’s self and family, because balanced agent is more effective than an overworked real estate agent. Clara shares tips on mindset, philosophy, effective use of time and benchmarking to help us rise to our true potential as real estate professionals.


The best part of working on a cohesive team is the sharing of ideas and efforts. Knowing that we are all stronger together then we are alone is the cornerstone of our office. Teaming up on projects to include everyone provides inspiration driving team members onto success. We know that one person’s idea is made better with the feedback of others. This dynamic is focused on supporting one another to help create a cohesive team where everyone wins.


If you love the ideas presented but don’t feel like you have the discipline to follow-through, know that you are not alone! We would all rather be hiking the trails or playing with the kids. However, to achieve that freedom we need to be financially solvent enough to relieve the stress and enjoy the experiences we crave. Avoiding the steps to achievement often just make you more stressed out! That is why we are here with a set of tools in the form of contests and goals to help you succeed. This isn’t a forced activity but a voluntary action on the agent’s part to participate in success under the guidance of a mentor.

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