Indian Peaks Real Estate Stats April 2017

This month in Indian Peaks we have had an interesting start to the season. Inventory is definitely back up with 16 single family homes available to purchase, and only one that was sold in the month of April. Last month there were only 8 homes so inventory has almost doubled with the coming of spring.

Of the homes that are actively available on the market there are only two that come in below a $600,000 list price. That means that of the 16 homes available 80% of the homes will require a jumbo loan (or a large down payment) from the Buyer to purchase. This requirement narrows the number of qualified Buyers to purchase the property.

There are 7 homes available for Buyers to choose from that are listed between $600,000-$900,000 make up about 43% of the market. Of these homes, 3 of them have been on the market for over a month and 4 are new as of April.

April brought a 3 new million dollar plus homes to the market for a total of 6 custom homes available for Buyers to choose from. Its great to see the confidence of Sellers who now feel that the market has returned for their luxury homes. It’s easy to see why their confidence is growing with 3 homes under contract and 3 sold in this category through April, with an average price of $1,200,000. However, inventory has doubled in this category since February giving more choices for the Buyers in this segment.

It will be interesting to see how the Buyers respond to the choices and if price adjustments will be made to accommodate for the extra inventory. It would seem that these homes need to be very careful with the price per square foot so that they can be competitive in the market and entice the Buyers. Nine of these homes are currently listed for more than $200 per square foot with six of them over $210 for total square foot. There are four homes that are perched above $220 per square foot, which might be a bit high considering the inventory.

Because there is such a large inventory of premium homes which require specialty jumbo loans, my advice to Sellers would be to go through your home with a fine toothed comb. Bring in the contractors and handymen to refine things in your home. For starters, make sure that the wood floors are puttied and don’t have cracks, check the paint to make sure that there aren’t scruffs and that it looks fresh, consider replacing the carpet and deep clean everything (including windows! In the premium market the Buyer doesn’t want to feel like they need to move in and do updates. It’s my bet that the prettiest houses will win by obtaining Buyers first.

For information about how to prep your home for sale so that you can obtain the best return in with the shortest time on the market, please contact me directly. I have an 18 plan that I can share with you to give you ideas for refining your home and getting it ready for sale.

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Leanne Goff

Click to learn about Leanne Goff. She has been a Boulder County REALTOR since 2007. Her priority is to help Sellers achieve the highest return on their investments in a timely manner.  

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TypePriceSqFtAddress$ per SqFt% SALES to LISTDays On MarketDays Till ContractBeds BathCommunity
RES$835,0003884793 Snowbird Ln$215102%56103/3Indian Peaks Eagles Nest
RES$975,00057072830 Shoshone Trl$17198%69106/5Indian Peaks West
RES$1,130,00055822086 Navajo Trl$202100%123566/6Indian Peaks East
RES$1,520,00069802424 Bitterroot Cir$218100%54116/6Indian Peaks East
AVERAGE$1,115,000  $202100%7622  
TypePriceSqFtAddress$ per SqFt% SALES to LISTDays On MarketDays Till ContractBeds BathCommunity
ATD$393,5001578113 Rowena Pl$249102%3873/4Indian Peaks Hedgerow
AVERAGE$393,500  $249102%387 
Now Under Contract 
TypePriceSqFtAddressBeds/ BathCommunity
RES$634,90026272725 Meadow Mountain Trl4/4Indian Peaks West
RES$865,0004306543 Sawtooth Pt6/4Indian Peaks East
RES$1,297,00059041284 Lost Creek Ln6/6Indian Peaks East
RES$1,390,0006526789 Niwot Ridge Ln4/5Indian Peaks East
RES$475,0001883561 Hoyt Ln5/5Indian Peaks South
RES$544,9002512170 High Country Dr5/4Indian Peaks Hilltop
RES$895,00038432290 Eagles Nest Dr5/4Indian Peaks Eagles Nest
Now Active
TypePriceSqFtAddressBeds/ BathCommunity
ATD$389,0001772638 Beauprez Ave2/3Indian Peaks East – Lexington
ATD$435,0002056131 Salina St4/4Indian Peaks Gold Hill
RES$569,9002572370 Rendezvous Dr3/4Indian Peaks Village Green
RES$629,00033322561 Lexington St4/4Indian Peaks Lexington
RES$645,00029042842 Cascade Creek Dr4/4Indian Peaks South
RES$720,0003168300 Morning Star Ln5/4Indian Peaks East
RES$725,00034552843 Twin Lakes Cir5/4Indian Peaks South
RES$729,90034552847 Clear Creek Ln4/4Indian Peaks South
RES$749,0003770364 Morning Star Ln4/4Indian Peaks East
RES$895,00044572206 Eagles Nest Dr6/4Indian Peaks Eagles Nest
RES$1,149,00046732829 Shoshone Trl6/4Indian Peaks West
RES$1,150,00055162431 Targhee Pt5/6Indian Peaks East
RES$1,195,0005854718 Skywalker Pt4/4Indian Peaks West
RES$1,250,0006460794 Niwot Ridge Ln5/5Indian Peaks West
RES$1,370,00053532854 Shoshone Trl5/5Indian Peaks West
RES$1,397,00056832444 Bitterroot Cir5/6Indian Peaks East
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