Indian Peaks July 2016 Real Estate Update

indian peaks real estate marketThe Indian Peaks community of Lafayette has seen the continued influx of homes to the market through the summer months with 30 homes moving through the contract process in July. Of these homes 50% are under contract and about 24% have sold. This accounts of almost 75% of the entire market showing that the summer months has been an aggressive sales season.

The average time it’s taken to sell a home in Indian Peaks has increased by from 30 days in June to 55 days in July. That is a 96% increase in the time it takes to bring a home to the market, obtain a contract and ultimately close. This feeling has been echoed throughout the market as we feel the summer rolling in and the families rolling out on vacations!

Now Under Contract 

TypePriceSqFtAddressBeds/ BathCommunity
RES$697,00050522677 Trailridge Dr5/4Forest Park
RES$505,00022092540 Lexington St3/3Indian Peaks East Lexington
RES$589,00029382508 Lexington St4/4Indian Peaks East Lexington
RES$615,00033322450 Lexington St3/3Indian Peaks East Lexington
RES$649,70040102347 High Lonesome Trl4/3Indian Peaks Waneka
RES$675,0003960186 Salina St5/4Indian Peaks Waneka Landing
RES$1,400,00053532854 Shoshone Trl5/5Indian Peaks West Custom
RES$710,00048662689 Trailridge Dr4/5Forest Park
RES$724,0003843781 Snowbird Ln3/3Indian Peaks Eagles Nest
RES$690,00030062848 Shadow Lake Rd3/4Indian Peaks South
ATD$359,9001582120 Gold Hill Dr3/3Indian Peaks Waneka
ATD$399,90016802480 Concord Cir2/4Indian Peaks East Lexington
ATD$405,5002424656 Beauprez Ave3/3Indian Peaks East Lexington
ATD$406,0002016380 Fern Lake Ct2/2Indian Peaks West
ATD$395,9001830246 Rendezvous Dr3/4Indian Peaks Waneka Hedgerow

Now Active

TypePriceSqFtAddressBeds/ BathCommunity
RES$1,150,00055822086 Navajo Trl6/6Indian Peaks Eagles Nest
RES$1,689,50075602389 Indian Peaks Trl6/8Indian Peaks East
RES$579,90033192491 Concord Cir3/3Indian Peaks East Lexington
RES$679,50049912423 High Lonesome Trl5/4Indian Peaks Waneka
RES$557,50027742946 Shoshone Trl4/4Indian Peaks West
RES$569,9002714487 Blue Lake Trl4/3Indian Peaks West
RES$1,150,00057072830 Shoshone Trl6/5Indian Peaks West Custom
ATD$415,00020162404 Concord Cir4/4Indian Peaks East Lexington

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Indian Peaks Neighborhood Lafayette

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July 2016 HOMES SOLD

Single Family Homes

TypePriceSqFtAddress$ per SqFt% SALES to LISTDays On MarketDays Till ContractBeds BathCommunity
RES$685,0004477756 Snowbird Ln$15398%38385/3Indian Peaks Eagle Nest
RES$625,00034272834 Crater Lake Ln$182100%2933/3Indian Peaks South
RES$574,65029142814 Twin Lakes Cir$19798%58263/3Indian Peaks South
RES$423,0001544147 Salina St$274111%552/3Indian Peaks Waneka
RES$573,70029152934 Shoshone Trl$19799%1531143/5Indian Peaks West
RES$570,0002789369 Caribou Pass Cir$20498%79335/4Indian Peaks West
RES$1,315,00053342858 Shoshone Trl$24794%50126/5Indian Peaks West Customs
AVERAGE$680,907  $208100%5933  

Attached Home Sales (Townhomes)

TypePriceSqFtAddress$ per SqFt% SALES to LISTDays On MarketDays Till ContractBeds BathCommunity
ATD$378,5001568678 Beauprez Ave$241101%4642/4Indian Peaks East Lexington
ATD$385,00019772721 Hedgerow Cir$195100%3983/3Indian Peaks Waneka Hedgerow
AVERAGE$381,750  $218100%436

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