Indian Peaks December 2016 Real Estate Update

December showed some promise in the price per square foot for the homes throughout Indian Peaks. Over the past 6 months we’ve seen a softening in the price per square foot. It has been hovering at an average of $184 with a drop in November to $154! This past month in December it did jump to $203 per square foot, which we would like to thank Leanne Goff for!

The past two homes that she has had listed in Indian Peaks are closing at $238 per square foot! The first one was on Shoshone, which closed in December. The second one is on Blue Lake Trail and closes this month. 

Beyond the improved price per square foot, December also showed strength in the number of homes sold. It looks like the market is coming back strong; a great way to start the new year!

leanne goff

Leanne Goff

Click to learn about Leanne Goff. She has been a Boulder County REALTOR since 2007. Her priority is to help Sellers achieve the highest return on their investments in a timely manner.  

December 2016 HOMES SOLD

Single Family Homes

TypePriceSqFtAddress$ per SqFt% SALES to LISTDays On MarketDays Till ContractBeds BathCommunity
RES$585,00029142826 Cascade Creek Dr$20198%43244/4Indian Peaks South
RES$460,0002600186 High Country Dr$17797%56562/2Indian Peaks Waneka
RES$478,50020792930 Shoshone Trl$230100%71113/4Indian Peaks West
AVERAGE$507,833  $20398%5730

Attached Home Sales (Townhomes)

TypePriceSqFtAddress$ per SqFt% SALES to LISTDays On MarketDays Till ContractBeds BathCommunity
ATD$438,00020162438 Concord Cir$217107%4344/4Indian Peaks East
AVERAGE$438,000  $217107%434

Now Active

TypePriceSqFtAddressBeds/ BathCommunity
RES$1,145,00055641767 Casey Ct5/5Indian Peaks
RES$875,0004306543 Sawtooth Pt6/4Indian Peaks East
RES$1,199,00055162431 Targhee Pt5/6Indian Peaks East
RES$569,9002512170 High Country Dr5/4Indian Peaks Waneka
RES$998,00057072830 Shoshone Trl6/5Indian Peaks West Custom
ATD$355,0001568823 Beauprez Ave2/3Indian Peaks East

Now Under Contract 

TypePriceSqFtAddressBeds/ BathCommunity
RES$1,649,50075602389 Indian Peaks Trl6/8Indian Peaks East
RES$397,50014801997 S Fork Dr2/3Indian Peaks Waneka
RES$538,9002714487 Blue Lake Trl4/3Indian Peaks West
RES$749,7004047328 Caribou Pass Cir5/4Indian Peaks West
RES$525,0002358330 Cliffrose Cir3/3Indian Peaks East
RES$665,00041182425 Waneka Lake Trl5/3Indian Peaks Waneka
RES$478,0002350638 Homestead St3/3Anna’s Farm
ATD$379,9001824817 Beauprez Ave3/3Indian Peaks East
ATD$395,0001825578 Beauprez Ave3/4Indian Peaks East

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