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Buying Real Estate is an important investment that involves legal processes, as well as financial and emotional decision making. Under standing the benefits of Buyer Services Home For Sale Boulder CO means being represented by someone having the expertise of a Buyers Representative. This is the best way to ensure that you will receive a competitive purchase while protecting you from the inherent risks involved in making a final real estate purchase. As your agent, our team will be happy to provide you with important information, such as:

  • Market values and pricing
  • Sharing our thoughts on the home’s current condition
    • During the initial preview and especially through the inspection process
  • Future investment potential
  • Evaluate your criteria to determine your goals saving you time and money
  • Provide consistent clarification throughout each stage of the buying process so that you are always comfortable and well informed

Why Hire a Buyer’s Agent? 


This is by far and away the most important service offered by a Realtor. In most cases, purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. This makes it essential to have a qualified and competent professional assisting you in the process. As with many other industries, Real Estate is often complicated, requiring creativity and experience to realize a positive outcome. The LeanneGoff.com team has been in business since 2008. We serve at the Board of REALTORS together with the goal of building professional relationships with the best REALTORS in our area. For you, that means when negotiations begin there is a strong chance we have a personal understanding and respect from the Listing Agent. This can be the factor that gets your offer accepted in competitive markets. Holding ourselves to this highest of standards means that a Buyer Services Home For Sale Boulder CO from the LeanneGoff.com real estate group will be of the highest professional acumen and ability. We know how to navigate the hurdles of regulations that both are in place now, and also that are on the horizon. The experience of our team make us a valuable asset to your home purchase. For more information about our team’s background, see the links below.

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In most markets, there are many of home listed for sale at any given point in time. Each home having a different set of reasons why it is or isn’t priced a certain way. Knowledge of the market is one of the most difficult things to acquire as an agent, simply because it takes so much time. An average consumer might spend 4 hours a day for 6 weeks looking at homes online, but that probably doesn’t qualify them to accurately access market values. In our current market the struggle is inventory. There is a 30 year low for homes listed and available for purchase. This is resulting in Buyers competing with one another for the purchase of the few homes available on the market.  Our team has tools and experience to deliver you results when competing in a multiple offer situation. Price is one factor to consider as it weighs in heavily to the equation. However, there are many other more strategic ways to write an offer to show its true worth beyond just price. We have proven strategies that will help you achieve your goals



Time is something that most people don’t have a lot of. Researching the market, searching through neighborhoods, and previewing homes are typical activities that agents will do for their buyers. Now, with technology and information abounding, buyers are doing more and more of their own searching. However, behind the scenes, the time required to find that “perfect home” and complete the process without issues is substantial.

home buying process

The Home Buying Process

Click to see a step-by-step flowchart detailing the contract procedures when selling your home for sale. 

Buyer Process

Phone Interview

The Buyer Services Home For Sale Boulder CO process starts in a similar fashion to the Seller process in that an initial phone interview will be conducted so that our team understands your needs. Some of the questions you can anticipate being asked include where you currently live, if you own the home or rent, how many homes you have purchased in your lifetime, if you have talked with a Lender, how long you have been looking for a home and what tools (websites) you are currently using. Questions will also be asked regarding what your basic search criteria is and why that is important to you. After the interview is complete we will email you a Buyer’s Packet outlining the home buying process here in Colorado and more information about our team. There will be some interesting strategies included which we will be able to implement once we know your goals more specifically!

In Person Meeting

Once we have the basic outline of what you are looking for from the phone interview, an in-person meeting will be set for you to come into our offices.During the in-person meeting at the TrailRidge Realty offices you will have an opportunity to meet our team and see our systems in action. This is also a very important step for us to further get acquainted with you and your goals. We will be asking you more in-depth questions regarding your goals for a property purchase. Some of the questions we want to know include how any previous real estate searches went with other agents; what you liked and what you would like to see happen differently in this purchase is very important to us! We also want to have discussions about your new-home criteria and why those features are important to you. This will help us narrow down the listings in your area to deliver you listings that meet your needs. At this meeting we will talk about strategy for finding you a new home. We will set an appointment to go preview homes available on the market, as well as discuss ways to find you a home that may be getting ready to list but isn’t currently on the market. We cannot guarantee to find you an unlisted home for sale, but we have had many success stories of making this happen.

Contract Process Begins!

Now that you have completed the interview process and previewed homes its time to make an offer on your new house! Your agent will review the 16 page contract with you in detail so that you know what you are signing, as well as what to expect throughout the contract process. When all of your questions have been answered and any adjustments have been made to your offer you will be delivered the contracts via email for electronic signatures from CTMecontracts. After e-signing your contracts your agent will submit the offer to the Listing Agent/Seller. Your agent will be in touch with you as they accept or counter the offer. This will trigger the contract stage of your offer.

home maintenance

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first time home buyers

First Time Home Buyers

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title insurance

Title Insurance

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contract process

Contract Process

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