5 Hidden Gems Every Boulderite Should Know

hidden gemsIf ever there was a competition for the most adventurous community in the country, we have a feeling that Boulder County would be at the top. So finding hidden gems is not exactly easy. But since we all like to get out and explore this great state of ours, we have rounded up 5 of our favorite spots that are far from mainstream to help inspire your next adventure. The only question left is which one is your favorite?

Walden Ponds

Located in Gunbarrel, with three miles of leisurely trails, picnic areas, fishing spots, bird and wildlife watching, this is the perfect place to spend a day or just an afternoon. Dogs, horses and bikes are all welcome here and offer the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor adventure without the drive into the mountains.

Cascade Creek Trail

This hike might look close to Boulder on a map, but is a bit of a drive to get to the actual trailhead. But we don’t know of another trail that can compete with the beauty you will find here. With impressive views all around of Monarch and Crater Lakes surrounded by the soaring peaks of Lone Eagle Peak and Mount Achonee. Enjoy an intense full day hike or bring your gear for an overnight stay, as there are plenty of miles of trail to explore up here.

The Rayback Collective

The first food truck park of its kind in Boulder County will give you the ultimate backyard party experience with none of the preparation. With food trucks on a rotating schedule, more than 30 beers on tap, cornhole games, and live music from some of our favorite local musicians this is a place to gather and celebrate, no matter the occasion!

Tangerine Restaurant

If you find yourself in search of a delicious Sunday brunch, you can look no further. The bright and airy atmosphere at Tangerine will surely brighten up your morning, though there is plenty of coffee on hand if you still need a boost! Offering a variety of carefully crafted breakfast and lunch meals, this is an often overlooked hidden gem since it isn’t in a prime downtown location.

Dark Horse Bar & Grill

While a run-of-the-mill bar and grill might not sound like much of a hidden gem, if you haven’t experienced the Dark Horse you are in for a real treat. Along with great bar food and plenty of options for drinks, this place also has an impressive event calendar. Trivia, Bingo, live music, karaoke, and giant trike races fill up nearly every day of the week. This is a fun place to bring visitors or just enjoy an evening out with friends.

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