Happy New Year

happy new yearThe new year of 2017 is finally here! Even though 2016 has thrown some major curve balls at everyone, we made it through. 2016 held some great times too. Take a minute to look back at all the amazing things this past year has done for you. But the time is here to start over and pick up new things. Let us know in the comments what your new years resolutions and goals are for the next year. Everyone here at TrailRidge Realty wishes you the best in your upcoming adventures this year. Take a look below for some ideas to try this new year.

Things to do in the New Year

into the wind toy store

Into The Wind

Into the Wind is the best toy store on the Pearl Street Mall! The kids can play with most the toys right in the store. Click to see pictures.

Boulder Chocolatier

Boulder Chocolatier

Click here to read about our favorite Boulder Chocolatier. Piece Love and Chocolate is the best around. 

backpacking car free

Backpacking Car Free

Click here to read about how you can backpack car free in Boulder County today! 

eldora skiing

Eldora Skiing

Click to read about the Eldora Mountain Resort. It is the secret gem for Winter Sports in Boulder’s very own back yard.
sweet cow

Sweet Cow

Click to read about Sweet Cow Ice Cream. They are known for having crazy and different ice cream flavors each day.

fishing with kids

Fishing with Kids

Click to read about how Boulder County has some of the best spots to go fishing with kids.

boulder farmers market

Boulder Farmers Market

The Boulder Farmers market always has Colorado-grown fresh food, great entertainment, and amazing art. Click to see pictures.  
dushanbe teahouse

Dushanbe Teahouse

The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse is known for their Chai Tea, stories, and the handmade building and decor. Click to hear the story!
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