Gunbarrel Community CO City Traits

gunbarrel coloradoThe Gunbarrel Community CO is often to have a Boulder address, but that doesn’t mean it’s a Boulder city. Gunbarrel sits comfortably in the middle between Boulder and Longmont. It’s location provides the perfect place to live; it’s not in the heart of the large cities, but is close enough to commute to work. The Gunbarrel Community has been bringing people from different areas together for years. The community has traits from each of its surrounding cities, (Boulder, Lafayette, Longmont, and Louisville) but combines them in a way that makes this city so unique, you’d have to live there to believe it. Because of the different characteristics and traits it has been home to, it’s not the quiet sleepy hippie town as it was once was referred to.

With the Celestial Seasonings right next door, it has a sense of joy in the area. Everyone from around the world comes to taste the tea, and then gets surprise of the amazing city of Gunbarrel. Not only does it have great tea, but even better beer. The Avery Brewery and the Asher Brewery are very close as well. Take the kids to the tea shop and then head to the bar for you. There are some amazing neighborhoods within the Gunbarrel Community CO. The Gunbarrel Greens and the Gunbarrel Country Club Estates surround the Boulder Country Club. With the amazing golf course this club has to offer it has rose the demand to live in Gunbarrel. Because of this demand there have developed more high end homes that the starter single-family homes sell from $450,000-500,000.


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Fitness and Nature

gunbarrel coThe Gunbarrel Community CO is so close to Boulder that it has adopted the fitness life. People who live here love to enjoy the warm days outdoors, playing with their friends and family. The Boulder life might get a little crowded at some times, and that’s where Gunbarrel is like Longmont. The whole city is surrounded by and immersed in open space. This gives the perfect opportunity to ride a bike, take a walk, and enjoy the wonderful Colorado fresh air. Almost anywhere you walk, you can see the mountains. In the morning the sun rises and shines through the mountains and the open space. You can take a path or trail that will lead you to either downtown Boulder or downtown Longmont. On a nice morning you can go out with the guys to play a game of golf at the golf course.


Real Estate Market

In 2015 there were 64 single family homes sold in Gunbarrel. The median price for these homes was $600,000. There are some very nice custom homes that surround the Boulder Country Club that can approach, and exceed, a million dollars. Most of these custom homes can be found in exclusive Gunbarrel Green neighborhood, or the Country Club Estates. For those seeking a first home with a big yard, many people choose Gunbarrel Estates. These homes are typically found with a larger lot than most of the new construction.

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Gunbarrel Community CO
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The Gunbarrel Community CO often has a Boulder address, but has the culture of both Longmont and Boulder. Click here to see how the people in Gunbarrel live.
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