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Conveniently located at the Twenty Ninth Street Mall, with more than 60 vendors at your disposal, the Boulder Home and Garden Fair is where you want to be on June 4th, 2016. From novice to expert there is something for everyone at this local home and garden show, and is a great way to inspire ideas for your own garden and landscape.

Gardening in Boulder can be tricky for beginners, or those who haven’t gardened at altitude before, but many of the same basic principles remain. If you want to start a garden this year, being able to ask local experts all of your questions is the best place to get started. Another great resource is your local nursery. Here, you can find experts on gardening in Boulder and get lots of useful information before you ever set foot in your garden. So green thumb or not, we encourage you to try your hand at growing your own vegetables and herbs this summer.

Here are some quick tips for high altitude gardening in Boulder to get you started.

  1. Balance the pH of your soil.
    The soil in Colorado is, in general, the opposite of the rest of the country in that it is alkaline, while most plants prefer acidic soil in order to thrive. Learning to add acidity to your soil is a good place to start.
  2. Start your plants indoors.
    While we are a place full of plenty of sunshine, the shorter growing season, or at least less reliable growing season, means it may be best to start your plants indoors. This is especially important if you are starting from seed. The best alternative to sowing your seeds indoors while the snow continues to fall outside, is to wait and buy starter plants from your local nursery. This skips that whole beginning step and allows you to plant them directly into your outdoor garden.
  3. Learn to compost.
    Here in Colorado we enjoy a much drier climate than much of the rest of the country. This brings with it some gardening challenges, but none too big to overcome. Learning to compost successfully in this environment and for your unique surroundings (wildlife, etc.) is an important thing to discuss with an expert from your local nursery.
  4. Find out what vegetables grow best along the front range.
    While many gardeners are able to grow just about anything their little hearts desire, there are some tips for what vegetables grow best in this are for those with a desire to dip their toes into the gardening thing without too much fear of failure. Some good bets include leafy greens, beans, tomatoes, basil, and root vegetables. Some of the more difficult ones to grow include brussel sprouts, sweet corn, watermelon, and potatoes. Since we have some pretty unique soil sprinkled around this area, including sand and clay, be sure to chat with your local nursery about what vegetables are recommended for your specific garden. This will give you the best possible chance for success.
  5. Know what general questions you should ask a gardening expert.
    If you truly are new to gardening and don’t feel comfortable with getting your information exclusively online, asking your local garden expert is always recommended. Though they aren’t unique to just Colorado, things like plant spacing, soil depth, irrigation and plant timing are all important questions to get you started down the right path.

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