Valmont Dog Park

valmont dog park

The Valmont Dog Park is one of the best dog parks in our Boulder County. For starters, you get to enjoy gorgeous views of the Flatirons while your four-legged friend enjoys the park, there aren’t many dog parks with that fantastic of a view! As for the park itself there are multiple staging areas for dog owners to put on the dog’s leashes or take them off, which is helpful as dogs on leashes are often more likely to lose their temper than dogs that are freely running around with each other.

Once the dogs enter the fenced in play area you can see their hearts smile as they run and play with each other! Worried that your dog might not fit the category of ‘friendly with others’? Or maybe your dog is smaller and you are rightfully worried about him around larger dogs for fear that he may get trampled? Well the Valmont Dog Park has a solution for that, too. There is a separate, fenced in area at the back of the park where you can safely coral your little, or timid animals. Maybe after a few visits to the separated area you will find that your timid dogs can join the others and socialize!

Another great feature of the Valmont Dog Park is that it has many curves and alcoves where different dogs and owners can play. This is nice because it breaks up the line of sight between the animals decreasing any territory tiffs that may arise. The Valmont Dog Park has running water available, which makes things convenient for the pet owners. Remember, it is your responsibility to pick up your pet’s poop!

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Valmont Dog Park, Boulder CO
Valmont Dog Park, Boulder CO

This video is about Valmont Dog Park - a place for 4 legged friends and their 2 legged owners!