Red Wagon Farm

Red Wagon Farm is a large farm that produces great deals of produce for the Boulder Community. Their vegetables and meat can be purchased at the Boulder Farmer’s Market and surrounding locations, as well as through their CSA, community supported agriculture. We have enjoyed being a part of the Red Wagon Farm CSA. Their quality of produce was exceptional all year long. They also provide an extensive selection of veggies. We found ourselves googling to find out what the produce was that we received and to find out how to cook it! We always ended up pleasantly surprised. They also offer additional services like a CSA for meat. There was pork and chicken to order on approximately a bi-monthly basis. The meat was exceptional quality, locally produced and the beef was grass fed. It was delicious. At the beginning and end of the season they invited us for a farm tour! It was very special to be able to tour the farm and see where the yummy vegetables we had been eating all season were grown.

Photos of Red Wagon Farm

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Map of Red Wagon Farm

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Red Wagon Farm Boulder

The Red Wagon Farm has a CSA, Community Supported Agriculture. Click to learn what this is about and to take a tour of their facility!