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tulip fairy and elf parade

Tulip Fairy and Elf Parade

Click to read about the Tulip Fairy and Elf Parade. There is magic and whimsy abound with this special event that ushers spring into Boulder. 

snooze eatery boulder colorado

Snooze Eatery

Click to read about Snooze Eatery Boulder Colorado. They have many different options on the menu from savory to sweet and everything in between

tebo train

Tebo Train

The Tebo Train is a free train ride for the kids that run up and down on the Pearl Street Mall. Click here for when it runs!

into the wind toy store

Into The Wind

Into the Wind is the best toy store on the Pearl Street Mall! The kids can play with most the toys right in the store. Click to see pictures.

pearl street mallDowntown Boulder is primarily centered around the Pearl Street Mall. Historically, this was one of the first streets in our community. It grew into a center for trade becoming a popular meeting place as early as 1880. It was in the year of 1977 that much of Pearl Street Boulder CO was converted into an outdoor pedestrian mall. The modern Pearl Street is full of shops that match the flavor of our unique city, meaning that the stores are not big box brands but rather an eclectic mix of boutiques and local restaurants. Much more than just shopping is available in this outdoor pedestrian mall. There are activities throughout the year that are sure to entertain children and adults alike!

In the 1800’s Boulder was a supply town for gold miners. The business owners were constantly coming up with ideas to attract more shoppers. One way they did this was by building their own wooden sidewalks in front of their shop. However, each sidewalk was done by a different person, so they weren’t all the same height or width. Pearl Street was the first street to be paved in Boulder. boulder coThis was because the new methods of transportation were changing. When it went from horse drawn streetcars to electric and motorized cars the wooden sidewalks changed to flagstone and then to concrete. The street became a 15-foot-wide sidewalk for the busy post World War II housewives to stroll along.

The modern Pearl Street Boulder CO is primarily blocked off for pedestrian traffic between 11th Avenue through 15th Avenue. However, the shopping areas have expanded to be as far West as 8th Avenue and as far East as 21st Avenue, where vehicles are allowed on Pearl Street. Drivers beware in those areas because pedestrians still rule! Keep an eye out for the crosswalks. The people on foot do not have to wait for the cars to stop; they are allowed to step out into traffic at any time and expect the cars to stop for them. If drivers do not stop they are sure to be stared down and possibly given rude gestures from the walkers, unlike the streets of Amsterdam!

Fitting with the idealism of the City of Boulder, Pearl Street Mall is filled with unique boutiques and restaurants focused on local fare. The largest brands include Yoga Workshop, LuLuLemon Athletica, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, and Snooze Eatery. All of these are recognizable brands, but not chain stores. These companies are individual brands that promote the active lifestyle that Boulder embraces. Well, except for Ben and Jerry’s, but we have to have a good reason to workout, right? So we can enjoy more ice cream and also the amazing restaurants that dot the map all throughout Pearl Street Boulder CO. Some of the restaurants that can be found on Pearl Street include the best eateries in Boulder. They are primarily focused on the locavore; that is the person who eats what is locally grown.


But more than simply shopping and eating, the Pearl Street Mall Boulder CO is a gathering place for the community. There are events throughout the year for adults and children alike. Some of these are organized, and others are spontaneous! Events for adults include Bands on the Bricks, which is a street party of sorts with music, beer, and food provided each Wednesday evening for anyone who wants to attend.tulip-fairy-elf-parade-7The children of Boulder look forward to the Tebo Train, which happens in the weekday mornings throughout the warmer months. There is also the Tulip Fairy and Elf Parade in the spring where children dance and celebrate the coming of the flowers! For Halloween the kids have the Munchkin Parade where they trick-or-treat at the local shops. Keep an eye out for the spontaneous activities on the mall, as well. These include street performers who come out year round. Just remember, if you watch it’s polite to pay them. They are not being compensated by the city for their wild antics. There are also plenty of spontaneous residents of Boulder who do flash mobs on Pearl Street. For example, at Halloween there will be mobs of zombies doing the Thriller Dance and at Christmas be prepared for groups of Santas who might be singing Christmas Carols for the passerbys on the mall!

Now you can see why the Pearl Street Mall is the center of the Boulder community. If you want to go shopping for something unique, this is a very special place to peruse store windows. So many restaurants are available that your culinary palate will never be tired of all the unique opportunities. Maybe you are just looking for a little fun and want to let your hair down at an outdoor music event. If any of these activities seem like fun choices for you, then Boulder Colorado and especially the Pearl Street Mall should be on your list of ‘must see’ places. Who knows, maybe you will fall in love with it and want to move here. That is what happened to me! 

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Why We Love Boulder Around Pearl Street

Why We Love Boulder Around Pearl Street

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Pictures of Pearl Street Boulder CO

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