Fun Around Boulder County 

food and drinks in boulder county

Food and Drinks

The food and drinks in Boulder County are endless. Click to see the many choices there are. 

Boulder County Arts and Events

Arts and Events

Click to see Boulder’s thriving art scene including photos of community art and events. 
fun for kids in boulder county

Fun for Kids

There is so much fun for kids in Boulder County! Click to see all the fun activities there are!

athletics and outdoors

Athletics and the Outdoors

The athletics and outdoors in Boulder County are amazing. Click to see what all there is and more!

boulder county winter activities

Winter Activities

Click to see what all there is to do during the winter time in Boulder County.

boulder county education


Click to see what the Boulder County education is like. 
pearl street mall

Pearl Street Mall

Click to see the Pearl Street Pedestrian Mall with photos in the day and at night.

thats my city

That's My City

Click to see Boulder’s new theme song by Jeff and Paige called, “That’s My City!” Its all about why we love Boulder!

Fun Around Boulder County

waneka lakeWhen it comes to fun, Boulder County has the market cornered! In fact, we had to create an entire section of our website that is devoted entirely to these activities. Here, you will find information about fun local activities that you might want to try such as Meadow Music or the Valmont Dog Park. There are also festivals and special events like the exhibit by Chihuly Denver Botanical Gardens or the Tulip Fairy and Elf Parade in downtown Boulder. Have you ever been to a farm-to-table dinner? Boulder County is home to the finest farm-to-table dinners. How does it sound to grab your cross country skis and hit the tracks in your local neighborhood park without worrying about traffic? That is what the residents of The Newlands neighborhood do as members of the Boulder Nordic Club. Do you feel like sometimes your kids have way too much energy? There are tons of kid oriented places and activities to make sure they stay busy and having fun.

This is only some of the fun around Boulder County. We will have information about happenings in the towns of Boulder County. If you ever need an idea for fun, we’ve got you covered. Please check back often to stay in touch with all the vibrant activities and events that make Boulder County and the Front Range such a wonderful place to live! If you want these available at your fingertips, you can subscribe to our emails.

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