Cheese Importers

cheese importersThe Cheese Importers has all the cheese you can imagine plus more! They don’t just sell cheese either, they are stocked up with all sorts of goodies. I love going here to try all the different cheeses in their cheese room, explore their store, and have lunch. You can make going to the Cheese Importers a day trip or just a simple lunch trip. Either way, they have it all.

The Cheese Room 

The cheese room is a refrigerated room that is filled with cheese to shop from. It can get pretty chilly in there, so I suggest wearing a light coat when you enter. The Cheese Importers know that not everyone will have a coat with them, however, so they provide you a free coat to where while you’re in there. The more the merrier!

cheese importersThey carry cheeses from around the world. As you walk around you can see where all the different cheeses are from – each section has a sign above it. But they don’t just importer the finest cheeses from around the world, they also have cheese that’s homemade from Colorado. They have a whole section dedicated to Colorado cheeses, as they love to promote local businesses. Most sections of the world will have a cheese out to taste. The different selections of cheeses to try usually change pretty often.

The cheese room doesn’t just have cheese though! They have a whole section just for olives. Yes, olives, and they are delicious. You can try each olive and decide if you want to buy it. They have different quantities that you can buy in.

There will always be a staff member in the cheese room. But they aren’t just any staff member, they are the ones who have the highest knowledge of the cheese they offer and cheese in general. You can ask them almost anything and they will have an answer for it. I once talked to a guy for almost 20 minutes about cheese; they know so much! Be careful when you’re in the cheese room though. It can be dangerous! Seeing and tasting all the different cheeses can you make want to buy them all. Have caution when entering. I suggest to set a price or cheese limit, this will help you not buy the whole store!

The Store

cheese importersThe building is two stories of fun. The store is spread out through the whole building. Anywhere you look there will be a table or shelf full of stuff you can buy. Be careful here too! Everything is so interesting, that’ll you’ll probably want to buy everything here as well.

Each table or shelf has a different theme of items laid out. So make sure to get a good look at everything, they’re all different. However, because they have so many different items, they may only have a few in stock of each one. What you see, is what you get. Most of the items they carry are related to France or Paris in some way. Even though they carry cheeses from around the world, the restaurant and store side of things is mainly French based. Make sure to scroll down to see some of the items they carry.

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