Celestial Seasonings Boulder CO

celestial seasonings boulder co

Celestial Seasonings Boulder CO is a great place to go with the family or with a friend who is from out of state. The tour is free and you get to sample almost all their tea. Their company is known worldwide for their variety and creativity with new tea. You can find their tea bags and boxes in almost every store.

If you are taking the Celestial Seasonings Boulder CO tea tour it is a great idea to get there 30 minutes early. When you check in you get a tea-ckiet to get inside the tour and a ceramic cup to try the tea. While you are waiting in the lobby they have ready to drink samples in carafes that you pour right in your cup. To the left of the carafes they have a list of the rest of the teas they offer; you can ask anyone working to make your choice of tea. You can keep going back for more and samples of different teas.

Now that you have the hot tea in your cup you can walk around the lobby and enjoy all the artwork and inspirational quotes on the wall. One of my favorite quotes was “The present never ages. Each moment is like a snowflake, unique, unspoiled, unrepeatable, and can be appreciated in its surprisingness.” – Gail Sheehy.  If you still have time after looking at all the cool things to see they have tables that you can sit down and finish enjoying your tea before you tour.

Before the actual tour starts you watch a 10 minute video on how their products are grown and the history of the company. As with all tours there are a few rules that must be followed. Now it’s tour time. They take you into the factory area and explain how everything works. Then you get to go into the famous Mint Room. Some people love the very strong smell and for others, they can’t stand it. But you have the option to stand in the room and bask in the smell of mint or you can stand outside and a get a very small smell of mint.

As you walk around the factory you can see all the machines working and people constantly running around getting their job done. On all the boxes and bags of tea there is tea dust. We were warned very clearly not to touch anything because the tea dust is slippery and will stain your clothes.

Celestial Seasonings only has one factory in the world and it is located in Boulder CO. The tea tour allows you to go inside the factory area and see how everything is produced, bagged, and sent out. It takes only 5 minutes to make one bag of tea. Their factory works so well that they are able to make all the tea they need to provide for the world, that they will never need to make another factory. Because they are actually making the tea where you are standing you are required to wear hair nets and not touch anything. Our tour guide was very friendly and knew what she was talking about. A few members of the audience were constantly asking questions and the tour guide had all the answers.

After the tour is done they take you into the gift shop where they offer all their tea and goodies. I spent at least 30 minutes in there looking at all the cool things they offer. There were people who were constantly stocking the shelves because the items go so fast. If you didn’t see something you wanted on the shelves you could ask any of the workers and they were more than willing to get it for you.

It was so much fun going to the Celestial Seasonings Boulder CO tea tour because I learned so many new things about the tea making process. I highly suggest a trip out to the factory and did I mention it’s free?

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Pictures of the Outside Wall Art

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celestial seasonings boulder co celestial seasonings boulder co celestial seasonings boulder co celestial seasonings boulder co

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