95a Bistro and Sushi 

95a bistro95a Bistro and Sushi is this cute restaurant tucked away in the corner of a small shopping center in Lafayette Colorado. When you first walk in you are greeted by the hosts’ table along with a cozy fire to your right. They have an awesome bar that you can sit at with ambiance lighting. The two other options of seating are out on the patio or regular seating inside. The patio is great for those warm Colorado days. The patio is tucked underneath the restaurant above which allows a barrier for those windier days.

Throughout the whole restaurant they have small, but elegant chandeliers that light up the room. They also have paintings that cover the walls. Each painting has a different story and style of art. If you get the chance, I recommend walking around to look at all the amazing artwork featured in the business.

95a bistroThe food was so good at 95a Bistro and Sushi! They have such a wide range of food. Eating here with people who have different preferences would be easy. As they will most likely offer something that everyone likes. I got the Ruben sandwich with their truffle fries, and it tasted delicious! They fries were seasoned perfectly, not too much or not enough, just right. My friend got the sushi which she said was great!

we love lafayette95a Bistro and Sushi is worth the visit! The staff is very friendly and tentative. Let us know in the comments if you’ve been here and what you thought! We would love to know.

Photos of 95a Bistro and Sushi

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