740 Front Street Louisville Colorado

740 front street louisville colorado 740 Front Street Louisville Colorado used to be the old Louisville Inn but was remodeled into this new and old fashioned restaurant. The new owners named the restaurant 740 Front Street because that is the street it is on. How clever! They have a menu on the outside so you can decide if their food will meet your hunger needs before you even go inside.

The food is delicious. I ordered the 740 hamburger and old fashioned fries. The hamburger comes out hot and ready to eat. They put all the toppings to the side so you can decide what goes on and what doesn’t. They have three different kinds of fries to choose from, just in case the normal ones aren’t doing it for you.

740 Front Street Louisville Colorado has a very old fashion feel to it. They have a giant bar that reaches from one wall of the restaurant to the other showing off all the drinks they have to offer. They have beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling to give the place life and fancy it up a bit. The fans run off a one electric pulley system, I assume it’s to save electricity (or maybe to add to the old fashioned appeal). 740 Front Street Louisville Colorado is a new restaurant and they are waiting for your arrival. So come down to Louisville Colorado and check out this amazing eatery in our own quaint downtown.  

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