Food and Drinks in Boulder County

boulder farmers marketThe food and drinks in Boulder County are the best; they will never let you down. The community believes in quality, and that’s what you get. Each restaurant, brewery, tea and coffee shop all have top notch service and food. Each place of business offers something new and unique.

Everyone gets hungry, that’s a fact. But sometimes you just don’t know where to eat. Maybe you’re in the mood for something greasy, healthy, or somewhere in between. Either way, Boulder County has it. Sometimes there are too many choices. It takes my family forever to decide on one place. We usually like to go with the small chain restaurants; they are the best. The staff is very friendly and it feels like home every time you eat there. Every place in Boulder County has a very welcoming feel to their business. Some of the best eateries in Boulder can be found on Pearl Street. They are primarily focused on the locavore; that is the person who eats what is locally grown.

Being a locavore is another of the ideals that the people of Boulder pride themselves on. The benefits include a healthy diet of meats, cheeses and especially veggies that were grown and produced in our county. This activity of eating local also helps create sustainable agriculture throughout our area benefiting Boulder’s many farmers. When eating local there is less reliance on the petroleum that is needed to ship produce from far away. When residents eat locally sourced food they lower their carbon footprint making Boulder’ites thrilled to pieces! Some of the Pearl Street restaurants who support the locavore movement include Frasca Food and Wine, Mateo, Black Cat, The Kitchen and many more. One of our favorites is the Blackbelly Market.

The Blackbelly Market and restaurant is at once both casually cool and utterly sophisticated. Your hunger needs will be meet if you dine here. Another one of our favorites is the Sunbeam Farms which has an abundant selection of crops and also provides farm-to-table dinners. If you’re looking for something to drink check out the Celestial Seasonings Tea in Boulder. They offer free tea tours and all the tea you could ever want.

The food and drinks in Boulder County are endless. Here is a list of just a few of them. But don’t worry, there is more to come! Contact TrailRidge Realty if you have any questions on the food and drinks in Boulder County. We will be more than happy to help!

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Food and Drinks in Boulder County

snooze eatery boulder colorado

Snooze Eatery

Click to read about Snooze Eatery Boulder Colorado. They have many different options on the menu from savory to sweet and everything in between

Sur La Table

Sur La Table

Click to read about Sur La Table Boulder. It is a cooking store which also offers cooking classes in the back! 

740 front street louisville colorado

Salvadoran Food: Pupusas

Pupusas is an amazing restaurant that serves Salvadoran Food. Not your normal pallet? Try it out! Click to read about this style of food.

95a Bistro

95a Bistro and Sushi

95a Bistro and Sushi located in Lafayette offers amazing food and great service. Click to read! 

740 front street louisville colorado

740 Front Street

740 Front Street is an amazing eatery in the quaint town of Louisville Colorado. Click to read more!

cheese importers

Cheese Importers

The Cheese Importers located in Longmont has all the cheese you can imagine from around the world and more. Click to read! 

Arugula Ristorante

Arugula Ristorante

Click to read about Arugula Ristorante. It’s the perfect place for a romantic spot to enjoy a lovely meal with a loved one.

dougs day diner

Doug's Day Diner

A great place to get amazing and fresh food for breakfast and lunch. Click here to read.

blackbelly market

Blackbelly Market

Blackbelly Market is the latest brainchild of Chef Hosea. Click to see how he brings slow food to Boulder’s restaurant scene blending class with comfort.

The Singing Cook

The Singing Cook

The Singing Cook sells almost everything that you would ever need in a kitchen. Click to read!

east simpson coffee

East Simpson Coffee Company

The East Simpson Coffee Company has the perfect combination of great coffee and an artistic vibe. Click to read! 

louisville street faire

Louisville Street Faire

Prepare for a fun and lively summer evening at the Louisville Street Faire. Click here to read why! 

Sweets and Treats

sweet cow

Sweet Cow

Click to read about Sweet Cow Ice Cream. They are known for having crazy and different ice cream flavors each day.

dushanbe teahouse

Dushanbe Teahouse

The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse is known for their Chai Tea, stories, and the handmade building and decor. Click to hear the story!

celestial seasonings boulder co

Celestial Seasonings

Click to read about Celestial Seasonings. They offer free tea tours and have all the tea you would ever want.

Boulder Chocolatier

Boulder Chocolatier

Click here to read about our favorite Boulder Chocolatier. Piece Love and Chocolate is the best around. 

Farms and Farmer’s Markets

Lafayette, Colorado Farmers Market

Lafayette, Colorado Farmers Market

The Lafayette, Colorado Farmers market always has Colorado-grown fresh food, great entertainment, and amazing food trucks. Click to see pictures.  
Sunbeam Farms CO

Sunbeam Farms Boulder CO

Sunbeam Farms Boulder CO has an abundant selection of crops and also provides farm-to-table dinners. Click to watch a video of this farm in action!
red wagon farm

Red Wagon Farm

Red Wagon Farm supplies organic vegetables, fruits and meats through their CSA program. Click to see a video of how this farm operates. 
boulder farmers market

Boulder Farmers Market

The Boulder Farmers market always has Colorado-grown fresh food, great entertainment, and amazing art. Click to see pictures.  

Breweries in Boulder County

odd13 brewing

Odd13 Brewing

Odd13 Brewing is a local craft brewery located in the up and coming area of Old Town Lafayette Colorado. Click here for more on the atmosphere and and artwork. 

Oskar Blues Brewery

Oskar Blues Brewery

Click to read about the Oskar Blues Brewery’s craft beer, casual and tasty food, and friendships. 

vapor distillery

Vapor Distillery

Click to read about the Vapor Distillery. It has all the character and friendliness we expect from Boulder County and has amazing pumpkinogg!

superior liquor

Superior Liquor Market

The Superior Liquor Market has it all. They carry almost all kinds of alcohol with multiple brands of each. Click to read!

Food and Drinks in Boulder County
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Food and Drinks in Boulder County
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