Flatirons Community Church and Leanne Goff Realty

Flatiron CommunityChurch has ben a pillar in the lives of the Selers at 46th St. and at Eggleston Drive and a donation has been made to the Church in their name. This local church brings people together to discus Biblical truths helping people to find a better way ‘to do life’ with Jesus Christ. They have a down to earth perspective with out of this world presentations of God’s word. Plus, they make it AWESOME for the kids, too! Read more about this organization at www.flatironschurch.com and read more about the property at 745 S. 46th St. at http://leannegoff.com/just-sold-745-s-46th-st-boulder-co/ and the property at 7490 Eggleston Dr. at http://leannegoff.com/just-sold-7490-eggleston-dr-boulder-co.

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