Erie Colorado Community

erie highlands

Erie Highlands

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vista pointe

Vista Pointe

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Quality of Life

erie highlands erie coThe Erie Colorado Community is located in the center of the Metro Area. It has all the connectedness to Boulder and Denver without the price. With a drive time of 30 minutes or less, getting almost everywhere is super easy. One of the key aspects of this city is the quality of life. It stays diverse but with a modern uptake. Everyone is friendly, nice, and welcoming. The community has a very healthy life style. Three times during the year they have a city clean up. During this event everyone gets together to make sure their homes and communities are staying clean. The Erie Colorado community is huge in the environmental market and wants to make sure they are treating their planet with the up most respect.

The Views

When you drive through the city you can instantly see all the beautiful houses, the breathtaking views, and the residents enjoying the outdoors. You will also see that there are many new neighborhoods that are being built and developed. The new homes offer something new to each neighborhood. One of our favorite new neighborhoods being built currently in 2016 is the Erie Highlands neighborhood. The views of the mountains are outstanding. Throughout each neighborhood there will be multiple views of the landscape and most houses will have that same view as well. Imagine waking up every morning to one of the most beautiful views out there, the Front Range mountains.

Family Life

The Erie Colorado community is a well known family friendly city. The Erie Colorado community was rated 8th in best suburbs to raise a family and 6th in safety.That’s outstanding. Families can feel safe letting their kids roam the sidewalks nevista pointe eriear by and still have fun. Letting the kids roam in the neighborhood isn’t the only perks for the kids. Erie has an amazing community center. It has a climbing wall and a pool. There are over 15 programs for the kids to join as well as the adults. The staff there are very friendly and trust worthy. Most people dream of having their kids grow up with their best friend next door and this city makes that dream come true. With almost every house having children, it’s easy to make friends and always have someone to play with.


An awesome feature of the Erie Colorado Community is their golf course and club. It is an 18-hole course and is open to the public. It has a fully stocked pro shop and a friendly staff of golfers. Another awesome aspect of Erie is the Erie Air Park which used to be a private air port but is now open to the public. There are over 120 private homes that surround the park, who get special access to it and large hangers.

The Erie Colorado Community is one of a kind. You need to at least drive through to understand the feel of the city. Once you see it, you’ll fall in-love and never want to leave. If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the city of Erie contact us to help you get started!
food and drinks in boulder county

Food and Drinks

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Erie Real Estate Market

The city of Erie has seen significant appreciation recently. Most of this is due to the amount of supply versus demand. Currently the Months Supply of Inventory is at 1.5 Months. A “Balanced” market would be at 4-5 months supply of inventory. This means there is a significant advantage to the Seller. We have seen the number of homes for sale gradually decline over the past years. At this time last year there had been 457 New Listing in Erie. This year there have been only 353 new listing. That is a decrease of over 20%! As a result, of the decrease in supply, we have seen home prices in Erie appreciate 12% over last year!

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Erie Colorado Community
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