Donation to Imagine!

imagine!The buyers of 1740 Sussex St in Lafayette, Colorado knows how hard it can be to accomplish all the things you want, especially if you have a disability. Because of this, they used their non-profit donation from the close of a real estate transaction for the Imagine! organization.

Imagine! dedicates all their time to help serve those who have developmental delays and disabilities. They start off helping each individual at birth and stays with them throughout the rest of their lives. They were first established in 1963 as a private, non-profit organization and as the first community-centered board in Colorado. It is now currently one of 20 community-centered boards in Colorado. They also strive to incorporate people with developmental, cognitive, and physical challenges into their work community.

Imagine! is spread throughout the Boulder County area including, but not limited to: Longmont, Boulder, Broomfield, Lafayette, Louisville, and Superior. They currently are serving the most patients in Longmont, but each city is growing.

lafayette co

Lafayette CO

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