Douglass Elementary PTO

The new home owners of 1124 Koss Street know how hard it is for schools to get all the funding they need. Because of this they wanted their non-profit donation to go to the Douglass Elementary PTO. Douglass’ PTO is a parent volunteer group whose primary goal is to support the well-rounded education of children in Douglass Elementary School.  They accomplish this through successful fundraising and volunteer recruitment; enrichment programs; and community events. The PTO acts as a coordinating body for Douglass parents who would like to volunteer their time to support PTO goals and work with community building events.

The PTO thrives to accomplish their goals, which are:

  1. To support the well-rounded education of children in Douglass Elementary School (Douglass)
  2. To improve the quality of education and the total school environment at Douglass by supporting and funding the academic and environmental goals set forth by the School Improvement Team.
  3. To serve in an advisory capacity to the principal of Douglass, and to work in a collaborative forum with the principal and staff to facilitate effective site-based management.
  4. To raise funds through fund-raising activities that shall be used for educational projects and other educational activities for Douglass’ students, faculty and staff.
  5. To act as a coordinating body, for all members of the PTO/SIT who would like to volunteer their time at Douglass, and to provide a structure for communication among students, parents, faculty, staff, administrators and member of the community.

The PTO organizes a variety of enrichment programs for our community, students and parents.  Community events include the Back to School Pizza Party, and Family Fun Night.  Student programs include Junior Great Books, Lego Club, Landsharks Cross Country, Arts Alive, and their annual Year-End party, as well as curricular focused programs in the classroom

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