The homeowners of Meade Court were a referral from a very good friend. That means that there was a donation made in the name of the homeowners and a second donation made in the name of the referring friend, who chose Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. This is an incredible organization who has touched their family, my family, and hundreds of thousands of others.

Dolly has said that her best memories as a child are when her mother was reading her books. Because of this she has vowed to give children a book every month from birth through 5 years of age! Foothills United Way is in charge of organizing recipients and getting them the books each month, which are delivered by mail.

When I called Foothills United Way to make the donation, they thought I was calling to ask for my child to be enrolled in the program. They told me that they don’t have the funds to enroll new children in the program at this time! When I corrected them to let them know that I was calling to contribute to their program I could feel the excitement and thanks through the phone! They said that the donation, directed by my friends, will help enroll new children in the program. What a great feeling!


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